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  1. This spring will be my first grow and when it comes to security of my spot I am very paranoid. Now I found the spot I will be growing in and I don't think anyone will be able to find this unless they use helicopters (I really don't know to much about the helicopters because I just moved to NJ). I was thinking that going to care for my babies at night would be safer than going during the day. So this got me thinking about using some kind of night vision goggles/binoculars. I want to see what people think of this idea and if you have ever used them which kind should I get. I know these things are very expensive but I would think that I would be less paranoid about my surroundings when I can see what is going on.
  2. not very practical man. i believe they are pretty epxensive and hard to come by. i know the general feeling is that everyone is so anxious to get a growin around here but try find a new spot. choose a good spot you can put some work into that is secluded. you really only have to visit your plants a few times per week if theyre in the ground. hell you can get away with once per month. dont make paths to your plot. helis can see the paths and also dont grow in huge plots keep em small and spaced out. bottom line, try anohter area.
  3. Yeah, unnecessary. I only visit my plants at night, and after a few minutes, your eyes get used to the night. Just memorize the path into your plot. Find the back door entry: don't make it obvious esp. for rippers on foot (and helis). The police is ulikely to be waiting for you at night and even if they are, the goggles won't change anything. Just approach the spot stealthily and it will be all right. Tell no one.
  4. It's your grow, you do what's best for you. IMO it's easier to explain your presence during the daytime than night if someone does see you.
  5. Hey, Jay....just get a headlamp, see attached...I don't know what I would do without mine. Sears has new multi-brightness LED types, but just get one that suits. They are all less that $15. Yep gotta have em to keep both hands free for the gardening and/or harvesting.

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  6. Except that the night protects you from being seen and people usually sleep at night. Just once is enough to fail. I take no chances with the day time.
  7. you dont need them. if you know your spot, you'll know when to duck to avoid overhanging branches and when to high-step any fallen trees. really.

    get to know your spot. and the area your spot is in. really well.

    as a second time grower, i can tell you that most of what decides the success of a grow is planning and preparation. after that, youre just throwing water on them. haha, kinda...

    later bro

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