Night Vision Goggles

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by rooksouthpaw08, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. So i have this pair of night vision goggles, and they are pretty sweet. but last night my one friend broke the strap that keeps them on your head. so now, unless you have a free hand all the time to hold them on your face, they're kinda useless.. i dont really wanna make him buy a brand new set, i was just wonderin what the GC thought i should do about this blasphemous act?
  2. Some duct tape!! :) Did you ring up the place that you got them from?? They would probably be able to find you a new strap if not look up Airsoft gun accessories on t'internet and you'll prob find a producer! if all that fails buy a cheap hard hat and take the strap out of it!!
  3. ah, nice idea nadine...
  4. No prob hope you get sorted that'd be sooo annoyin!
  5. lmao duct tape.. just get a pair of sunglasses, break off the sides, and glue them to the goggles. then they just sit on your ear.
  6. honestly, how hard can it be to fix a strap? post a pic of the damage.
  7. alright so i guess saying it was the strap that broke was a bad way of puttin it... what broke was where the strap connects to the goggles, there was a lil bar that the strap looped around and that bar broke off.. so there is nothing to hold the strap to the goggles.. i'll try and upload some pics in a sec
  8. sry if i came off sounding like an ass, just reread what i said (lol that rymes). If the bar was holdin it on is there any way you can use screws to mount it or anything?

  9. nah man you're fine.... screws are a no-go.. i'm thinking about using glue from a hot glue gun.. or just tapin the strap down

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