night time thizzin! YEEEEEE!

Discussion in 'General' started by JohnnyWeedSeed, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. daaaayyyyymmmmnnnn!!! well i been steady rollin my face off for 22hrs now and gonna go get some more. you gotta realize, thizz is love, thizz is what it is, this is thizz. peace love and E vibes. i feel the rainbow
  2. lol sounds like youre having a good time. peace
  3. gagageeked up fromda feet up! yadig
    keep on rollin man
  4. I haven't rolled for almost a year now. Have you ever taken a nitrous hit while you were rollin, its probably the best feeling you will ever have.
  5. damn wher do you get nitrious.
    home depot?
    car shop?
    nitrous dealer?
  6. A lot of head shops carry it. Or you can order it online.
  7. Yeh, nitrous and E are amazing...

    Last time I rolled, we had an 8ball too. Coke and E... Now that was a feeling. Not to get weird, but have sex. An orgasm on E and coke... Nearly knocked me the fuck out. It's basically 30 seconds of your life flashing before your eyes, while you cover a bitch in a load, haha.

    Hope you havin fun, Johnny. We know you are! Just try and chill for a bit, you're starting to fiend a little bit homie. Hope you got some herb for your crash.
  8. hell yeah i got nitrous and a balloon. im ggaaaggagagagageeeeked!
    and yeah smoke i hot herb, 5-htp and sleep md pills for the crash.

    let it be known to all, smokentoke420 is a terrable influence on me. nah just playin. i take full responsibility for my thizz bender.
  9. I second that shit! :D

    Haha oh man...sounds like you're having a blast. Only seven more days for me. :hello:
  10. Haha, I miss them days dude!

    I've taken my vow of sobriety now. Got a lot going on soon, and, it sucks. But as one door opens up, my drug career closed. I miss it man, a lot. Some amazing times. But, it's time for me to move on. Hope you're enjoying your night brotha.

    Maybe one day, I'll be back to that. For now, It's allright.

    No shitty dealers
    No worrying about cops.
    No bad coke crashes.
    No dumb drama.

    Life is a bit boring now, I'll submit that. But things are looking up...
  11. ahh back to reality. almost nice to be base line that was fun tho. i think a few weeks need to pass b4 another roll.

  12. dont ever do coke and e and its a bad mix. When u come down on the coke it stops the e from workin and it will ruin your high, you have a good chance of feeling like ish afterwards. Just lettin u know, do whatever make you feel good though.

    Oh and one more thing, if you have never eaten this pill, you've never really rolled at all. Hahahahah

  13. :eek: G's up Hoe's down. I wish I could get my hands on a couple of those.
  14. They are the strongest E pills in the country, and they are all over but still really hard to find sometimes. Theres a few different versions. Two of them have MDA/MDMA in them so they make you trip like your on acid (The trip is very similar to acid but has better visuals, i like it more than cid actually, cause you feel like you're dreaming) But anyways, one has like 70/30 ratio of mdma to mda and the other pill is opposite (30/70). Theres also another one that may have 2ci in it. ALSO theres another one, but insted of the .G it has a sunflower on the back. Same exact print, those ones are loaded with MDMA.

    Only a few pills are ever this good...right now its this one. Others have been supermans, sunflowers, and a few others.
  15. Damn where the hell have I been? Under a damn rock?

    How much those usually run a pop?
  16. Lol, gonna make a thread for each hour your thizzin next?
    3pm thizzin, yeeee

    Jk bro:p

  17. Man johnny, watch out now that you got that solid connect for E... its just too tempting to do too often... just don't all of a sudden stop some ways down the road and realize you fucked up big time... don't let it change ya.

    Just be careful, and of course, have fun :hello:

    and xericx...


  18. Dont worry about that too much. A person will generally get tired of that. I did...i used to roll every weekend then I realized i roll so much more harder and feel so much better when i roll once every two months or something....always those gladies^^^ Shit, im on 3 right now. Its been a fun weekend, got a new connect for these pills. 1000's im talking. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  19. JOhnny, brotha, welcome to the country of Thizzlam. We welcome you brotha. Hahaha, man i remember thizzin ALL the time. Then i had to pop like 6-8 to roll. i have 3 waiting for me, for whenever i deicide to do it again. with no toleracne what-so-ever
  20. I finally decided that thizzing is not for me(a dream i had),but whatever floats your boat keep doing it.

    You only have one life,live it how you want cause 2morrow's not promised today.~some rapper

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