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night time or light time

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kandyman35, Feb 7, 2002.

  1. The lights in my grow closet come on from 8pm
    until 8 am.
    they are set to those times for one certain reason.

    can anyone guess why?
    does anyone care why?
    grow tip!!!
  2. It forces your babby to become a mother. Marijuana buds at a 12/12 cycle. To easy...
  3. My incorrect-info-o-meter is pegged. :D

    If memory serves my correctly, marijuana flowers at light cycles set for more than 12 ours of dark at one time.

    12 on and 12 off is the grow cycle. So the plant will think it's summer and it's growing right on the equator.

    Start shortening the "day" and it thinks it's starting to turn to autumn. So it flowers to attempt to re-seed next year's crop.

    Kandyman, are you asking if we know the significance of having your day cycle be during the night time? If so, I have no idea why it would be better to have the light cycle be during the night.

    Seems to me, in actuality, that it'd be better to run the lights during the day. Then you wouldn't have to worry about daylight leaking into the box as much.

    I'm no grower, though. Just makes sense to me.
  4. 12/12 is not what my babies use for normal growth. I use 18 on and 10 off. 12/12 will start the flowering process. It has for years on my plants.
  5. Maybe because your outdoor day time temps are to high and it's much cooler during the night to have everything running.
    12/12 yes bud 18/6 yes grow but then again some go completely dark the first 24, 36 hrs and then again on the last 36 hrs.
  6. You are correct.
    the temp where I live drops to freezing and below @ night but during the day the sun shines on it and the tep rises to around 50 degrees f to 55f making the temp rise to about 72
    degrees inside.
    At night the lights keep it warm.

    Hence, a cheaper light bill.

    Thanks for participating in this issue of how high

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