Night ruined

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by GhostOfYou, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. A perfectly good night of being stoned and chilling with some girls ended abruptly due to me dropping a lit cig on my eye.

    So discusss
    ever done the same?
    what's ruined your night?
    hurting yourself while stoned
  2. How does one drop a lit cigarette into their eye?
  3. How many monkeys does it take to drop a lit-cigarettes in one's eyes?
  4. Last weekend my night was ruined after I dropped a lit stick of dynamite in my girlfriends lap.

    I feel your pain bro
  5. I seriously Lol'd at this one. +1
  6. well maybe drop wasnt the proper word. I was laying down and went to hit it and i pulled my fingers away and somehow i guess it got pulled out of my lips a little to far and just fell onto my eye.
  7. Smoking while driving... You finish the joint and toss out the butt thru the window... And the butt does 180 and comes right back in your car....

    That shit always ruins my mood.
  8. dude i woulda made one of the girls kiss the wound and then i would have slowly started grabbing her ass and whispering in her ear and then nibbling on her earlobe and then rubbing her labia/clitoris and then i would have pulled my cock out and thrusted right through her panties into her wet, pink vag. then i would have pulled out and busted my nut in her eye and been like "now we match, lets both wear a pirates patch!".

    U shouldnt have let it ruin ur night, it could have made your night!!!!
  9. lol ^ funny shit!
  10. Sunny side up? :D
  11. you let a little cigarette burn ruin your night?

    think about it
  12. can't say I ever dropped a lit cig in my eye, can't see see how it might of happened either.

    How does the cherry even get close to your eyes, when you place it on your lips, which are on the lower half of the face....Unless you have Golems head shape and then I can understand

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