Night/Rain Bike Riding

Discussion in 'General' started by hookahlove, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. Now, I fucking love bike riding in general, but biking at night or in the rain just makes it that much more enjoyable and epic.

    The refreshing cool rain as you pedal up a huge hill, or the crisp, night summer air in your lungs as you pedal for the euphoria it brings.

    When you zoom, it just feels so good. I love how at night no cars are on the road either, so it's just a beautiful world to look at and take in all while cruising.

    Man I want to go for a bike ride right now but it's approaching midnight...
  2. I'm going to be getting a bike soon, for college. No need in driving if I can just ride a bike, my get a sportbike though, all depends.
  3. I have the sickest road bike from the 70's that was imported from italy for my grandfather,

    its a 12 speed, and im using it as my rental car.

    i'll get a pic up tomorrow, its green
  4. How did I know Bailey would be in this thread. haha

    bikes ftw mayne
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    I was biking a ton this summer, working on (and getting damn good) some trials biking skills. Then I got ulnar neuropathy, also known as handlebar palsy. It's basically inflammation to the nerves that control your hands due to compression/excessive vibration caused by mountain biking.

    Haven't been able to bike or play bass (my livlihood) for a good 2 weeks. Thankfully, I'm almost back to normal.

    Bike safe bros.

    But yeah man, night biking rocks. Midnight is one of the best times to get out! Downtown Minneapolis is usually empty around then, and you can cruise the main streets at ease.

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