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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by panicandrew, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I'm looking to get a group of people together who play games late at night.
    I'm off at 11PM EST every night, and am looking for people who game nightly around 11:30 or 12 EST.

    I'm looking to play some Rift or TF2, CSS, WoW, BF2, Bad Company 2, literally ANYTHING. I have pretty much every game that is played a lot.

    I'm just fucking bored, nothing to do at night and my girlfriend broke up with me a while ago so I need to no life some games up.

    Anyone up for it?

    My steam name is just_89, add me up, my steam display name is intox. Meatwad

    Let me know what you play.
  2. If you'd be down for some RAF on WoW, let me know! I can't afford to go out and get another account, so I'd have to send the invite. :/
  3. I actually did RAF on 2 different accounts already, so I don't need any more WoW accounts. Haha.
    I have a WoW account atm, no time on it, not sure if I want to get back into WoW 100%.
    Anyone else?
  4. I late night PC game a good bit... can't think of anything to play recently though. Nothing good is really coming out until November/December. Guild wars 2... Skyrim... Minecraft. I know minecraft is out now but, it's less than 1/2 the game it should be, so I'm not going to consider it as a full game until it is. Off topic though. If you can think of anything fun to play, I'm in. I just wouldn't know what.
  5. I just got TF2 today. I suck at it. :/
    I also play Alien Swarm and CS 1.6.
    I'll add you when I get back on a computer.
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    I'm playing BF2.
    I'm not on Steam, you can usually find me on HBD Ghost Town, 365 Wake Island and couple of others if the ping is low enough. CVARick - same on Xfire and Team Speak.
  7. I'll add you on xfire man, I'm planning on downloading BF2 again.
    I play 24/7 Wake Island pretty much only.

    Add me on steam whoever has TF2!
  8. There are couple of 24/7 Wake Islands only. I'll check you on Xfire to see where you are.
  9. I play pc games really late at night as well. I'm down to play play black ops, mw2, bfbc2, l4d2, killing floor, TF2. I have CSS but not installed.. actually never played it lol.
    I actually have a lot of games.. I'm in to play whatever.
    add me on steam - Nighthaunt3r
  10. I plan MW2 on PS3 late night. Send me a PM here for my PSN
  11. Add me on xfire: xtwoxbitx.
  12. Im on the grasscity steam community group thing, under the name of "Kush"

    steam name is tyler992
  13. i'm adding you on steam as i write this. the only game i have on steam atm is bad company 2, but i'm downloading tf2.
  14. i play gta:sa-mp pretty often...usually around midnight pacific it would be around 3ish eastern. i play on gangwar deathmatch. sometimes i just cruise around on the bicycle while people frantically try and kill me lol.
  15. Used to be up all night playing WoW.. havent been actively playing for over a year i might start again.. sure do miss that game
  16. Im off at midnight eastern time. Only multiplayer games I have on steam right now are TF2 and CSS I added you though.

  17. i got Tf2 a while back and sucked, too. i just like being the medic xD
    i love WoW but im too poor to pay for it every month.

    league of legends is whats up, though.
  18. Sigh, I miss the glory days of WoW. I feel like it just got way to easy. But I play a good bit of TF2, CSS(not in a while) and Spiral Knights. Hit me up if anyone wants to play my steam name is Dieselburn (lul creative).
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    Vanilla WoW and even BC were geared for the more hardcore gamers. (Vanilla especially)
    Then, with the release of WotLK, they made the game 100% more casual gamer friendly.
    Which, in my opinion, blows. They had 11 million subs, there was no reason to make it easier, because they had obviously been doing something right.
    40 man raids were the shit because they actually required everyone to know what the fuck they were doing. 10/25 man raids are lame as fuck, and as long as you have 1/4 to 1/2 of a group that knows what to do, you can carry the rest of the group to phat lewt.
  20. Word, I really miss those 40 man raids!

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