Night Owls

Discussion in 'General' started by BluntSeason, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. For anybody who stays up late, or has some sort of sleeping disorder;
    What're you doin/usually do?
    Smokin on/outta?
    I'm usually up late for a number of reasons. So what up!
  2. I start working at 5:30pm and don't get off until 8:30am.

    I just work, too much.
  3. That sounds awfully rough dude, i'm sorry; hope you get some better hours soon!
  4. my mind races til the wee hours of the morning, no matter what i try. i have bad insomnia.. take a med for it but i don't like it's side effects.. so i'm usually listening to old cheese or phish tracks and watching family guy. SO productive :)
  5. No need to apologize.

    20 dollars an hour, 30 overtime.

    Bankity bank bank.

  6. I have a pretty bad case of insomnia myself, and I hate the pill too, it seems like everybody i've talked too with insomnia really dislikes the meds for it. I personally find night time peaceful, smoke a bowl, listen to some music, watch netflix, do whatever :smoke:

  7. same, and i enjoy it. i don't enjoy the lack of sleep and loads of homework i SHOULD be doing :p
  8. I'm a forced night owl

    I work from 12 midnight till 8:30

    So im usually always on grasscity in-between those times

    Its cool cuz I can get baked by eating edibles and no ones around to catch me or anything
  9. I just stay up late for no reason really, I usually play with my snake because night is when he's most active...

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