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Night owl

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stickyicky1014, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. So whos up late today smoking on some good? Im up and its 3:53am and im about to blaze some bowls of some kush. Who else is burning with me right now. Post if your burnin!
  2. man i thought it was only midnight, but now i see looking 10 inches down and right that it is 3:55
  3. hhahahaha well then grab some bud anjd a piece and light up! Im lighting up in aboput 1 min.
  4. i'm smoking a bowl but its only mids. better than nothing though.

    i'm always up late

    4am here
  5. its 4am now
  6. Just took my first hit of chrnoic and im about to finish this fatt bowl i packed.
  7. smoked all my weed and popped all my hydros lastnight =[
  8. Ouch, i feel for people who are dry right now, im having a grand time:)
  9. 3:30 AM here and I'm stuck at work until 6. I smoked a good bit before work, and I have a nice big bowl waiting for me when I get off work. :D
  10. 1:30 am where im at and im about to light up. Lately ive been smoking a bowl at about 12 every night and drifting off around 4. Definitely a night owl, think I like the night more than the day, much calmer. :smoke:
  11. damn where do you work?

    n its 433 here n i just finished the last of my weed n not high know its bad when a blunt to the head isnt even enough to make me wanna lay down....that shit was pretty fat too...
  12. I work at the front desk in a dorm. I have no idea why they keep the desk open 24/7. No one ever needs anything during the graveyard hours... Especially on a Sunday night.
  13. I"m a night owl.... its the best time for me to sketch!
  14. I need to wake up for class in 4 hours, but I can't manage to fall asleep.
  15. #16 rcs_12, Feb 16, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 16, 2009
    im up and i would love to be smokin on some good right now but i got put on probation on thursday so no smokin for me for a while. oh and its 6:10 am here and ive been up all night and class starts at 8.
  16. Well im up again and its 8:33am over here right now. Im probably about to burn some bowls and start off this day well. After all i got a day off from school, so you know what that means! Toking all day:)

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