night/morning mist/breeze.....

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mthrfckrz, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. i live by the coast and at times it just get's hella misty and wet...

    is this a risk to a flowering plant?

    people always talk about mold or fungus forming because of mist..

    what if u have no option and its outside and flowering and its mist/breeze?..
  2. well im sure if its ocean water misting, it cant be good, b/c its salt water. is there anyway u could place something around it, not covering the top, maybe clear plastic, or can it be moved. if not, just keep a good eye on it, for these things, & if u start to see any fungus or mold, maybe think about harvesting earily so your crop not ruined, or look for a fungas & mold killer. if u make it to harvest w/o any visable probs, make sure u dry the buds good, by breaking the buds up into smaller buds, which will help rid the moister.
  3. If the water's not too salty, you should be fine letting them sit. As long as the mist doesnt linger too long on the plants and they have some time to completely dry out periodically.

    Watch out tho, cuz if the water does stay even a little bit too long... mold can ruin a plant in a matter of hours, there's almost no way of getting rid of it without harming the plant, and if it's too close to harvest, your weed might be ruined that quickly too.

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