night cut short by the cops

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by samb543, Oct 3, 2007.

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  1. hey guys im just kind sittin around here bored as balls so i thot i would share my most recent story with yall just for the hell of it.

    so a few weeks ago me and my two friends robin and jonathan decide to go out for a joy ride and toke up out of this new dragon pipe i had just bought a few days earlier. robin was also buying an inside out spoon from jonathan bc jonathan had two and robin didnt have one. so its about 2 in the morning and i call them up and tell them im on my way. mind you i dont have a lisence. i pick them up and i hand the bud and pipe to jonathan in the back to pack it. so were driving down the road and we see a perfect pitch black parking lot to smoke in. so we pull in, turn my headlights off and get ready to smoke, but right as i spark the bowl, someone comes out of the waffle house near us and walks towards us so we drive away. were drivin down the road lookin for another spot when we see a cop. we were a little worried but we knew he had no reason to stop us so we were ok. i passed him and he immediately gets on my tail. now we are freakin out a little. so i decide to take the next turn to try and just get out of his way. as soon as my turn signal goes on, his lights come on. now were REALLY freakin out. so robin hides everything under the passenger side seat and we wait for the cop. he walks up and says, you know your headlights are out? I HAD FORGOTTEN TO TURN THEM BACK ON WHEN WE LEFT THE LOT. he has us get out and talks to us and what not. then looks through the window and says boys, whose marijauana is that? robin hadnt hid it very well. so we lost the two pipes and about half and 8th of some pretty good bud. our parents got called and came to pick us up. i got sent to juvie for one night and was charged with: drivin without a liscence, possesion of marijuana, possession of parephenalia, being out past curfew, and a traffic violation. ya sux pretty much. oh well. so since then, my dad has smelled smoke in my room and confronted me about it, and then a week after that found my stash which included 2 home made bongs, glass pipe, lighter, and bud. so court is coming up and im still toking up.
  2. somebody didnt rea the rules

    you need to be 18 to be a member of this forum.

    sucks that your shit got taken away and you got in trouble

    but you should only break one law at a time, or at least as few as possible.

    you were breaking like 6 so you knida had it coming.

  3. Sounds like you need to quit being dumb and stay out of trouble
  4. no license? how do you have a car?

    the not turning your lights on thing is just plain dumb. you should have noticed as soon as you got on the road.

    your friends sound like dumbasses too for keeping everything in plain sight.

    HOLY SHIT A COP! Let\'s keep everything out so he sees it!

    Enjoy your ban. And try to smarten up.
  5. LOL @ not turning your headlights back on fool. How did you see where you were driving with no headlights?
  6. ya thats kind of stupid
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