Niemi led RSPEC qb or a mars sp250

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Gymbr, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. I currently have 5 seedlings going in a 2x4x70 tent I have a Viparspectra par600 in there now. I want to get another light in that 250-300 watt range to hang and I’m wondering if it’s a good idea to get another Viparspectra par600 or a qb board set and which one. I figured it would be simpler to grow with two identical lights but is the qb worth the hassle in my set up?
  2. It's definitely worth moving over to the QBs you will not regret it.
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  3. You could take a look at, they have well priced quantum boards and have the lm301b and brand new lm301h diodes available
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  4. Thanks! You think the r spectrum is worth it on there new light?
  5. Yes for sure the r-spec
  6. Now I’m considering this my tent is 2x4x72 so I’m trying to find the best way to get the most even coverage possible in conjunction with a Viparspectra par600 so would it be better to get the mars sp250 bc it’s 4 ft long for even coverage or the Niemi led side by side with the Viparspectra?
  7. Yes the Niemi would be a good addition compared to the mars

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  8. Thanks just looking at the size of the Mars it seems like it would make hanging the viparspectra almost impossible
  9. QB is the first choice. Enough money go with HLG, limited money go with Mars SP250. It is simple. :biggrin:
  10. Right I ordered the 260w Niemi so we should be good to go now thanks y’all
  11. Ditch the vipraspectra and fill it with quantum boards if you can afford it. You can DIY with a four pack of quantum board 132 and a LRS-300 driver for under 200$
  12. Or you can buy 4 packs of the HLG quantum board 120’s in addition to 132’s
  13. He has a 260 w qb I think he’s good in his tent

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  14. You can't go wrong with the Mars SP-250, check this review out and how much it yields... Mars SP-250 LED Review
  15. So I got the Niemi 260watt on the way and the viparspectra par600 In a 2x4x72 so hopefully my lights are not gonna hold me back now thanks everyone
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  16. You should be good i orded a couple 130 w from there a 3000k and 4000k havent received them wby
  17. Just ordered yesterday so nothing yet, I ordered the 301h in 3000k mostly bc the par values blew the Rspec models doors off. But I’m sure someone will chime in on the error of my ways ‍♂️
  18. My boards are 3000k, they work just fine
  19. Anything is better than a blurple

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