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    Hey everyone, I bought a 130w quantum board for $130 from niemi led a few weeks ago and it is amazing. They had the best priced quantum boards and they are based in Chicago which is cool. There customer service was super responsive and I received my light just 3 days after order.

    I asked the customer service about their diodes and they send me a certified diode sphere test for their lm301b diodes which was pretty cool.

    Anyways, figured I'd let others know since the prices were nice and the qb is really well built.

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  2. Which driver did they supply
  3. HLG-120H-54A

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  4. Do you have any opinions on that driver? Just curious why you asked!
  5. I don't know of a better line of driver for what we do . Meanwell hlg series are bulletproof. I was really just checking out the pricing. $130 is a fair deal for an assembled fixture of this caliber
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  6. But its pretty simple to DIY correct? I still have blurples....on the QB' you have to by one for veg and one for bloom?
  7. If this guide looks simple enough then you can do it :) It's pretty easy but if you have never wired anything before it can be a little daunting not to break anything but if you go slow it's easy. 130w Niemi LED Assembly - Niemi LED

    As far as veg/bloom question goes - if you buy the 3000k spectrum it is full cycle, mos people buy the 3000k if they have only one grow tent. 4000k is specifically for veg.

    Good luck man!
  8. Well I haven't ever wired anything so its prob safer for the extra the 3k and 4k...are those the only two options? The 3k is for flower/and it'll veg....and the 4k is if you really wanna beef up your veg growth?
  9. That is correct. There are other light spectrum like 3500k but are less popular. 4000k would be used to enhance the veg cycle yup!
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    Isn't that just the PCB and Driver? What about Heat sink? niemi led, hlg etc come with a heat sink for the driver, for less heat. Edit: Nvm didn't read your comment fully, I'm surprised it doesn't need a heat sink, cool.
  11. I know....i always encourage newer members to search the boards with the search box for their topic before just starting a new thread and I didnt do that.....Ive been meaning to research these QB's as I really wanna get some...but I haven't yet and I saw that "kit" and the questions started to flow......much appreciated to everyone for the info....that should start me off on a good path to research
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  12. It's all good I really meant there is a bunch of threads to help with the wiring on the diy stuff.
  13. I recommend looking into the QBs with the added reds they are the newest versions
  14. Yeah they are cool little project boards.
    You can build a nice light with them
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    This is my grow tent with the Niemi 130w in there. Plants love it!

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  16. I thought you bought the 130w kit ?
    Starting to think you might be a salesman for Niemi.
  17. Yeah, nothing wrong with coming here to talk about your product and try to market it. But the fact that he never came out and said he's with the company is sketchy. And then when you look through his posts they're all the same. Just gives you a fishy feeling rather than if he was just forthcoming and said "I'm part of niemi and I'm open to your questions".

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