nieghbors allways getting robbed

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  1. My neighbors grow medical and they grow a lot of fucking bud. Its a nice neighborhood and my neighbor is a Dr. and practices medical research at the university, grows bud on the side. 
    They have alarms and everything set up and they still get robbed with guys busting in with guns. They are the nicest people and get in the scariest situations. Gun shots went off one of the times no one got shot and the police showed up quick.
    Every time someone tries to break in they get caught and serve 20+ years in prison for making that decision to try and steal weed. They end up getting no weed with injuries and go to jail. Why do people keep trying to steal stuff? 
    It always seems like way too much risk for reward, 20 years in jail for trying to steal 10 plants. Put the effort else ware and actually make some money people are so stupid. This has happened to multiple people since I have been living here. 

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    Its the smell that tipped me off they were growing bud. They have air filters and everything but sometimes I smell it really well.
    Also my neighborhood is known for robberies because of the nice houses. A house down the street got 70 grand cleared out, cars and hella stuff got stolen its some professional shit.
  3. I'd fucking move, but then that's just me lol
  4. you'd think if they had that much money they could afford to prevent such incidents from occurring..
    Yeah haha at least I am renting at the moment. Its a nice place though. I haven't been robbed yet. The guy next door knows how to grow some crazy buds.
    Its really hard to get to the garden since its locked up but people can definitely still break into the house if they really want to but alarms will likely go off if its a forced entry and the police get called. Everyone on my block has alarms and stuff. The robbers have to do it at the right time which they always do when its not bud. There are people that will wait days watch houses for days on my block and rob them at the right time. 
    No dogs? No neighborhood watch? horrible spot to have money.
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    Oh there is for sure neighborhood watch. What good will they do when you have two gangsters coming in your house with 9mm high on some other shit ready to make money? Neighborhood watch will not have your back in that situation. They hardly prevent any robberies so the police come around more.
    My neighbor has delt with some hood ass shit and he is the most strait edged professional guy lol.
    I would booby-trap the fuck out of it hahah.
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    haha yeah make it so they get piss poured on them and hang them from their legs upside down from the ceiling for the police to get them. So they go to jail soaked in piss.
  11. hmmm idk thats strange.  Usually robberies don't occur in nice neighborhoods, because its just easier to rob someone that has a shitty house, but generally has the same appliances to rob.  Most of the time when rich ppl get robbed its usually by someone who knows them and their personal property.  
    Plus wealthy ppl have the connections, time, and resources to find out who did it. 
  12. You have said "my neighbor" so many times and talked about how he's a doctor and so professional whatnot I think you have a hard on for the guy
    Yea OP should be a good neighbor and invite him over to make out and fuck!
  14. I think OP is full of shit.
  15. People in nicer neighborhoods have nicer shit to steal. I live in a great neighborhood and we had quite a few break ins last summer. They caught the guy eventually. He was an addict, selling stuff on eBay.
    In NY, the city folk have their heads on a swivel. They know the criminals are out there and they act accordingly. Upstate, the people are sheep. They feel they are safe, and crime only happens to other people. Downstate criminals are driving north to "work" to take advantage of this.
    No one is immune.
  16. thats what you would think, but there are way more robberies in shitty neighborhoods.  I mean aside from jewelry, what do rich ppl have that poor don't have, that are things that one could steal.  Most poor ppl i know have smart phones, computers (nice ones), nice tv's, etc...
    And most wealthy ppl don't keep their real valuable jewelry at home, they usually get a safety deposit box at the bank.  Idk this from my experience, of course every place will vary to some degree.

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