nicotine highs

Discussion in 'General' started by King_Chronic420, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. are pretty nice at first :smoking: until you over smoke and you get a fatty ass stomach ache

    i was smoking a black with my buddy and he told me to inhale so i did i held it for a while it felt nice for about 3 minutes and then my stomach just started hurtin like hell

    is there anyway i can attain this high with out the stomach ache?
  2. Stop smoking while you can. The high goes away completely eventually and it's all downhill from there.
  3. When you smoke Black n Milds you get kinda high, i get a headach sometimes. Its cus that shit is nasty lol. idk how to prevent it but i can tell you this. If you smoke some bud, then smoke a black right after, or a cigarette right after you will get messed up!
  4. Fo shizzle meh nizzle

    I stopped smoking when i got to a pack a day and was smoking 2-3cigs back to back just to feel them. IDK if it was just me or that i had only smoked for little over a year but it was pretty easy to kick the habit, craved them a little but just didnt light up unless the tobacco paper on blunts count.
  5. not gonna tell you to stop, but searching for a nicotine high is pointless really.

    I'm up to a pack a day/2 days,

    and I'm sorry but spending an aditional $30-40 bucks a week on smokes

    on top of what I already spend is turnin' killer. :/

    I wish everyday I could take my first cig back.
  6. I feel really good when I dip ^_^

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