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  1. I just picked up a Vapir Nico Hale Vaporizer. Does anyone have any experience with any of the Vapir products? This one in particular?


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    A 400 dollar Vapir with their famous 90 day warranty? To put it crap not even worth a quarter of the price. TONS of reports of Vapir products leaking vapor, tasting like plastic, fluctuating and inaccurate temp controllers and displays. And to make matters worse, it comes with one of the worst warranties of any vape on the market.

    It would have been prudent to inquire about this vape BEFORE purchasing it. Sorry...........
  3. I could be wrong but it sounds like you don't like Vapir.


    I paid very little for it. (A lot less than your 1/4 estimate. I am a poor m-f'er :eek:) However, if it doesn't work, then free is still not a good value. Thanks for your input! BTW, is a grinder required? Where does one take a class on the use of a vaporizer for the ingestion of MJ?

    Anyone else have an opinion on Vapir or this unit specifically?
  4. and you didnt spend 400 dollars on a super vapzilla, or 250 on a ssv, or 165 on vapor bros? I hate to sound like a dick, but you just wasted your money. Vapir products suck, the mini was my first vape.
  5. As it turned out, the Vapir NicoHale is a piece of shit. I bought it used and sold it used. I will encourage others to try a different vaporizer as this is not a good example of the true benefits.

    Thanks for all of your comments and help!


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