Nickle not weighing 5 grams?

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  1. Today I just got my scale back from my friend who had if for the last two weeks. I always like checking to make sure my scale isn't broken and is calibrated correctly. So I took out a nickle and set it on the scale and it read 4.93 grams and I was about to call my friend to buy me a new scale. Then I thought I may be the nickle and found something interesting out. The newer nickle's weight was 5.00 grams on the dot, while older nicklers vary in their weight.

    I think it is because of all the use in the nickle's history what make is a few 100th's of a gram short, but I'm not sure. Has anyone else ever notice this?

    Nickle from 2000.


    Nickle from 2006.

  2. yeah its probably just old and been worn away. whats the year on the nickel?
  3. The first one is from 2000, and the second one is from 2006.
  4. different design maybe?
  5. wait a minute... u were gunna buy a new scale because urs was .07 off or 70 milligrams?

    you confuse me
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  6. I swear mine does that too..i thought it was my scale but some weigh less
  7. Depending on whats being weighed .07 could be the difference between dose and trip to the ER.
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  8. From my experience and me owning a real calibration wieght the whole "Nickel is always 5" thing isnt true. It might be really fuckin close, but go buy a weight.

  9. How is that confusing? Yeah I would make someone buy me a new scale if it was off by .07, it may not seem like much but its adds up if your getting more than 1g.

    This is very true, and I'm ordering a 100g calibration wieght off amazon for like 5$ :cool:
  10. lol exactly the only real way to tell would be a 100gram weight, good luck.
  11. its .07 not .7
    And older nickels actually are worn down from pocket use and what not. I discovered this too cuz I use a nickel to make sure my scale is on par. if your really worried about it calibrate your scale with a weight and you should be good to go. That looks like a nice scale....
  12. ^Thanks and I'm not too worried about it, just like my scale to be legit when I go pick up a few g's of medicine :smoking:.
  14. Y'all are IDIOTS!!! Doesn't weigh less because of 'pocket wear and what not'.. it weighs less because nickels minted 1964 & earlier are made of 90% silver.
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  15. OP is 9 years old...
  16. Coin collector? Ppl n 2010 knew jack bout coins apparently.
  17. OMG...really? Gorilla gherkin? Going balls deep bitch? hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    You're hilarious
  18. Nickels never had silver, are you sure you're not thinking dimes, quarters, half and full dollars?

    The variance is due to wear.

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  19. Otherwise it would have been called a silver, not a nickel.
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  20. be careful saying "never"! :p
    although mostly true for all intensive purposes, not 100% accurate.
    silver war nickels (produced from the US mint from some time in 1942-1945) have 35% silver content, and actually contain no nickel!

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