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Nickle, dime, Quarter?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ragekai, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. Ok..I know a dime bag is usually $10, and nickle $5..and usually 1g and 1/2g respectfully. So that comes out to about $10 per gram. So 1/4 is a quarter right? But..thats would be $70 worth I guess..?

    So then It would be incorrect to say "I want a Quarter bag" and offer up $25?
  2. Prices usually drop with bulk. I could pay like 10 a gram, 25 an 8th, 45 a quarter

  3. I just dont wanna sound like a moron on my first buy...So I guess I should offer up $25 for an 1/8th of mids?
  4. where do you live
  5. Yeah for mids around 25 is decent in most areas. 30 is the most I would ever pay for an 8 of mids, but you could get some good mids for 20 an 8th. All depends...

    All in all, offering up 25 for an 8th of mids is fine.

    If you live in Texas or some shit though, then you're getting it way cheaper. Im assuming you dont.
  6. 10$ for a gram and 1/2 for 5$?, i dont even know if your getting an amazing ass deal or getting ripped off horribly, are you talking bout dank or dirt?
  7. Terms such as a "dime bag" or "dub" refer to the PRICE of the bag. A dime bag means a "ten dollar bag of weed" while a "dub" means a "twenty dollars bag of weed." Dimes and dubs can easily be different amounts of herb.
  8. Hes obviously talking about mids.

  9. North west Mississippi..just a few miles south of Memphis, TN.

    Yea, I want atleast lowish-mids..I'm not wasting my money on bobbybrowns.

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