Nicki Minaj is kind of weird...

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by PrincessTHC, May 4, 2011.

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    I see all this stuff of her and every time I see her face I just feel so uncomfortable.... Maybe I should stop staring at her .gifs.....

    Is it just me?

  2. Another reason why people hate hip hop.
  3. Minaj is SEXY :) nuff said
  4. I just saw her live, second row. Wasn't a huge fan before hand, but that woman is truly a great performer.
  5. Them DUMPS be so giggly!!

    Can't stand her voice, so i love watching her videos on mute.
  6. Ugly as fuck, tall, fake ass, fake tits, makeup out the ass, annoying voice, annoying personality, on Young Money...i can't find anything to like about her.

  7. /thread
  8. It's almost obvious that she's trying to establish that same weird image that Gaga and Ke$ha have going...seems to be working for all of them...
  9. You left out the fact that her whole career couldn't have happened without Lil Kim. Matter of fact, she a bad replacement.

    She is the epitome of fake. Damn! Look at her before and after pics, she was hella ugly before the surgery.
  10. Nicki Minaj is swagtastic
  11. geeked out
  12. her ass is kerdunk

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