Nickelodeon "Spectacular" movie.

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  1. any of you watch Nickelodeon still? I occasionally watch it when Spongebob is on and 95% of the commercials are for this new movie thats on tonight called Spectacular. The kid in it seems like a complete tool. They show fragments of interviews with him in these commercials and he seems extremely flaming homo. Have any of you seen this? This commercial makes me wanna hunt him down and beat the living shit out of him.

    Here's the douche introducing his YouTube channel:

    [ame=""]YouTube - Welcome To Our Official YouTube Page[/ame]
  2. You say this whole thing whyle you have a Poke'mon game in your sig :rolleyes:

    FAIL :p
  3. who doesnt like the original pokemon games?
  4. Yes But see you do that in your free time
    Hes gettin paid to do that shit
    YOu cant hate on that
  5. i dont really play them anymore. idk i just felt like hatin. hes the biggest tool ive seen in a while though
  6. your just jelouse because he's probably getting more pussy then you. i know i am.
  7. i Agree with u that guys a fuking faggot.
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  9. You know you arent getting any pussy, when you have to declare it to everyone on
  10. ENOUGH! The original pokemon's were/still are the shit, regardless of who's getting more pussy.

  11. amen.
  12. Im not saying their not
    I just wanted to make him admit he was hatin for no reason
    But we can all say that the pokemon game for N64 was the shit

  13. didnt have a n64 until about 3 years ago. and still never had the pokemon games.
  14. I want to do the same thing with this movie that I wanted to do with High School Musical 1-3 and then Camp Rock.

    Ninja the fuck out of my TV.

    btw, guys, I take a bit of offense to you calling him a faggot. I'm a lesbian and hate when people use those words.
  15. the gameboy pokemon games were the shit.

  16. i called him a "flaming homo". i apologize.

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