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  1. Anyone had some good (or bad) nicknames giving to yourself while smoking. When im around people i don't really know im usualy quiet. but once some awsome blood member (yeah i know) looked at me and said "man your like that dude, so quiet" i was like "What, you mean silent bob" and he goes "Yeah im gonna call you silent B from now on"

    haha it was great

    a list of my many nick-names
    -Silent B, Silent bob or jay (yeah i know haha)

    haha im sure i got more just can't remmember
  2. chocolate (dont ask...)
    ben-jamin (dads nick name.. lol)
    little richard

    i know i have a bunch, but those are the main ones.
  3. i have a buddy of mine who i smoke with like every single day.

    im cheech and hes chong.
  4. Mr. Toast lol "Because I'm baked all the time."
  5. One of my friends was completely baked and said i looked like the caveman from the geico commercial ( i dont have long hair or anything like that) and since then its been either caveman or Deetz
    we have this one guy that we hang out with that always wears an old blazer even when its like 100 degrees out and it looks like it was made during the civil war and its made from the itchiest fabric ever made so we started calling him Coat Kyle
  6. always get called perma-fried/perma-baked or a variation of perma-...

    guess i always am kinda perma baked. pretty funny the other weekend, small party at a friends. talking with one friend about being perma-baked. hes like no suck thing, i say sorta man at least ppl always say i am. he calls over a buddy of mine, who wasnt in the convo, and asks him about being perma-baked. the 1st friend didnt say anything about me being permabaked to my buddy. my buddy says well theres like sober ppl, theres high people and then theres crazylegs.

    guess its just cause, im generally always chill, dont really act much different when ive been buning than when i havent been. kinda makes it seem like i am just permabaked.
  7. I rip bowls so fast they call me Speedy Ganjalez.
  8. Badass.


  9. Clever, I like that.

    I have a bunch of random names.

    Rabbit (Lapin is french for rabbit, but my last name is 2 p's)

    King (Lappin is actually Gaelic for King)


    King Kaspa/Lil Dutch

    Shitty Bill (No, my name is not Bill. Its not even close to bill :p)

    Thats all I can think of right now. We have a friend who everyone calls tits, because his first name starts with T and his last name is Tates. So I started calling him tater tot, then that became tater tits, and now its just tits :smoking:
  10. Well, I'm an older kids are 20 and 23...I smoke with them....this year, I went to Hash Bash (annual smoke rally here in Michigan) and my son and a group of his friends went with me...they're all between 20 and we're all down there, smokin away and one kid started callin me 'Momma Hash', now, that's what they all call can live with that :smoking:
  11. Kozmo is my of last is the same as his.
  12. Law-its hard to explain...
  13. The lads used to call me jesus ... I had long messy hair and hadnt shaved in a while.... kinda had the jesus look goin for me got my hair cut since though... dont look so much like jesus anmore
  14. Gunz - that's me!
  15. dird
    t. boon pickens lol
  16. Jive- i called some fool a jive turkey onetime and my friends called me jive and it just stayed liked that for years.

    Scooby- people say i look like scooby doo when i'm high lol
  17. Meerkat.-Apparently I look like a meerkat. Atleast my eyes make me.
    Kitty.-My girlfriend gave this to me after she found out a nickname of mine was Meerkat haha.
    T-Stew.-Part of my name, just given to me.

    Those are the main ones.
  18. Drix: My first name is Hendrix (I don't care that my name is on the forum, and yes since you're wondering I AM named after Jimi Hendrix)

    Dr. Shock: I had this shirt with a lightning bolt on it as a kid and that's what I called myself, so now my friends call me that.

    Jiggy-Jabberjaw: My friend Tyler called me that a lot back in the day, I don't know why though...

    Doc Shock
    Doctor Shockster
  19. most people usually just call me by my name, but some call me the herb man. I don't know why though lol
  20. asshole, that guy, ugh
    those are my nicknames apparently

    im kidding by the way

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