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Nick, Dime, Dub Baggies

Discussion in 'General' started by SpatABomb, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. i was wondering where i could get some small baggies like a whole box of them. Do they sell them at grocery stores?
  2. ive seen them everywhere from corner stores to Michaels
  3. office deopt. try your local headshops as well. or any arts and craft store
  4. rofl go to your local grocery store and get some sandwich baggies.... Wow lol...
  5. what do they sell them as
    i dont wanna go in michaels and ask if they have dimo baggies lol
  6. any local head shop
  7. sandwich bags from any grocery store or walmart.... ive gotten some from a gas station before... shouldnt be hard to find at all.
  8. Be extremly fucking careful in not getting caught with them by police. They see a bunch of different bags with different sizes of the drug even if its not an ounce they will most likely charge you with intent to distribute. One bag of 27 g's is all you need man. They can only charge you with possession then.
  9. jewerly stores
  10. Head shops, call them coin bags though. Also, buying sandwich baggies from the grocery store is much more cost-effective.
  11. Walgreens, they have pill baggies.
  12. seriously,

    i just copped a bag with 300 foldable sandwich bags at the dollar store.

    I, uhm. . . I mean, people. People just not knot em up its E Z
  13. yeah thanks i wanted the small ones not the sandwhich bags probably gonna go to walgreens later today
  14. Can you pick up some AA batteries while you're there
  15. Or if you're a cheapo you can go to your local bank and ask for a coin baggies. They're not airtight but they're free which is always a good thing :)

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