Niche Slyme Dome + Bho Sap

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  1. Hey guys n gals,
    First post on the site under an account.  Anonymously browsing for years.  
    I've recently picked up a Niche Slyme dome with a set up for my 16" Biohazard straight tube.  With that purchase, I decided to run a batch of BHO.  Has been a year or so since my last batch so it was sort of a blur.  Ran 2 oz of some outdoor northern lights (forgot to take a budshot) and got a 17% return.  (not bad I may add.)
    BHO SAP - 
    I have gotten most of the butane out with a few low heat purges ; a pyrex with a bit of water on a hotplate at 110 degrees F.  It has gotten to the sap stage, but I am trying to get a shatter result, how would I achieve this?
    Any help, and comments on the new pick up are appreciated :)

  2. That's probably not going to shatter up because it looks like it was heated to a sap.  A lower temp and vacuum purge would get you healthier looking shatter youre looking for.  That doesnt mean shatter is the only consistency you can get a fully purged oil in, but its really popular now and my personal preference when blowing oilz
  3. I've found higher purge temps = liquid product
    I currently use a warm water bath as I'm blasting, and after the bubble action has simmered down I transfer the hot water bath to a hotplate that keeps the temp between 100-120 (low heat setting have had a laser therm test it)
    I switch between that and a food saver as a MacGyver vac pump.  
    Anyone have a worked slyme transition 14.5>14.5

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