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Nice weed but no visible trichs...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by guitarkidv1, May 10, 2011.

  1. I don't know if i should be able to see the trichs without a magnifying glass or something if it is good dank weed... In london i have only once been able to see trichs with my naked eye. I don't get it. It looks dank and nice overall. Bits of orange bits etc. Looks dank, just never seem to see the trichs.

    Are you meant to be able to see them or am i buying de-kiefed dank ?
  2. does it give you a dank high ?
  3. Sounds like your getting some mids bruh. Although even the cheapest mids here have visable trichs. Maybe you have a bad eyesight?
  4. i hate london. wherever you go, you can't get the awesome weed you see from america over the internet. Where i live its 20 pounds for 1.6 grams! and its mids :(
  5. You already bought it, OP. Any weed is weed and you shouldn't waste. Besides, how bad could it be?
  6. im not talking about one pickup. I mean in general...
  7. That sucks considering a pound is almost $2 american dollars if I'm not mistaken. Maybe you guys can try and go to different areas or different hookups?

    Fuck that shit, find a new dealer or some shit.
    Is it that weed is more rare in Europe?
  9. My prices aren't like that, its £20 for 1/8th of dank around Manchester. For me at least.
  10. Where did that figure come from? £20 for 1.6g is about $30 for 1.6g.
  11. One British pound is equal to around 1.63 USD.
  12. i think im speaking in general for the UK, but basically how it goes as far as me and everyone i know who smokes pot, you have £20, you give it to your dealer, and he gives you weed. Price doesnt change on quality, for example one week i can get real shit stuff for my £20, but the next i could get real high grade for the same price. Also you are LUCKY to get a real 3.5g 1/8th. Most of the 1/8ths i buy are usually like 3g max. Kinda sucks over here :( i never get the stuff i see you guys over the pond put up in the pick-up thread :devious:
  13. At least google the currency difference
  14. ive never gotten weed that has no visible keif
  15. if youre buying dank, and paying dank prices...then yes you are supposed to see trichs.

    Although theres been times where ive smoked some really dense 'sour disel x mr nice guy' and it didnt really have much visable trichs, but it was flakey and weird, and it got me sooo fucking ridiculously high for 2 bowls.

    and then i had some 'sweet tooth' once, it was so fucking hairy, never seen bud that looked so hairy, and 2 one hitters was enough to get me high for hours...

    But on the average, yes you should see visable trichs.
  16. Im gonna say what everyone is thinking.

    No triches, no dank. ya heard?
  17. I've had really dank weed that had no visible trichs on it. Only way to really know is to smoke some. Go for it op :smoke:
  18. Definitely need visible trichs for good chronic. My buds are covered and I love popping them open.. mmm so fresh.

    I looked up the laws in london and they aren't harsh laws so that's strange that good chronic isn't abundant. I live in Texas and am surrounded by Cali/Canada quality greenery.
  19. around here, the weed business is dominated by scary looking guys who just abuse the fact that they are the only place you can get weed (unless you grow yourself).

    You can say go to another dealer. But the problem is, they are all like that. They see one dealer dropping their weights, they drop theirs to. Its depressing and fucking expensive.
  20. maybe you should go get a microscope or whatever (at least 30x) to see the trichs... it helps alot, i have a 30x but i really wish it was bigger.

    sounds like its time to grow, man!

    thats what i did... fuck all these dealers who try and rip you off cause theyre the only ones you can get weed from.. and fuck smoking mids!

    growing is one of the best choices ive made so far :rolleyes:

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