nice weather for blazing today

Discussion in 'General' started by skatealex2, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. jesus do you live in a movie neighborhood all the yards and landscaping and houses are all the same how do you tell which one is yours??
  2. Indeed, here too. I just smoked yesterday in the longeeest time ever, gonna blaze today too then quit for awhile again.
  3. Been meaning to do that . but my mind doesn't want to be fully sober for some reaon


    my house looks different than all the others(its green and has some brick), but all the other one r samey . not sure if posting my house on here would be smart though :devious:
  4. what weather isnt nice for blazing?

    is it just me or does the rain look really trippy?

  5. Almost as if you were looking from behind a dirty window.
  6. that rain looks psychedelic.

    Nature Vibes!
  7. Wow, nice neighborhood "Prince Alex" :laughing:

  8. Everyday is nice weather for blazing
  9. exactly.

  10. i miss queens ;/ it's not my fault that i live up here . although it can be very chill and it is really nice to blaze here

    here a picture i just took while blazing (tobbaco) and driving around.


  11. I'm just messing with you man ;)

    I live in a pretty nice neighborhood myself. Nothing wrong with making something of yourself :D
  12. Not here in Chicago when a Tornado warning was rolling through last night. Try sparking one up in that kind of weather...
  13. I fail to see the similarity in the landscaping. Looks like different trees to me. If I wanted to tell someone how to find my house, i'd tell em to look for the rocks.

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