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  1. Hey GC .. This is my 1st post not gonna make it too long. Just wanted to share my Sunday with u :). Started off with me heading up to a buddies house at around noon, was out of bud and tbh didnt think it was gonna be a great day. So at around 3pm im bored as hell and head round to some local shops for munchies, and I spot a crisp £20 note under a shelf on the floor, so ofc i pick that shit up and stick it in my pocket.

    4pm and I phone my guy he says he's good for a 20 bag. So the stuff gets here and its triched out and stinky as ever :smoking: guy says its Blueberry, idk but the shit is dank anyway.

    So me and a good friend just chilled all day pulling buckets - 1 hit and u get a strong dunt - 3 bowls and ur gone :) Probably no point in posting pics do NO justice for the bud but what the hell.

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  2. Nice man, nothing like free buds. Image isent that clear, but you can tell its good
  3. For your joints try folding the 3rd skin, licking it and putting the glue strip between the 2 other skins, then rip it out. Leaves the glue on the skins so they stick without an extra layer :)

    Nice story tho, I love finding money :bongin:
  4. Thanks for the tip, must try it when i next pick up :rolleyes:
  5. Great stuff man,

    Looks exactly like what I get from my guy, and he calls it blueberry as well. Pretty good stuff too.

    Looks like a great day.

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