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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by purplehaze, Aug 9, 2001.

  1. hello all
    firstly i would like to say i am privelidged to read and have discussions with all the people on this board

    what I would like to know is who are you?

    i am very curious to know what type of people use marijuana..people from ALL walks of life
    Tell us all about yourself...i will start

    I am 31 male live in the UK and i am a Firefighter

    What about you !!!!
  2. I am a 15 year old that has only smoked thrice :( My life is music, and *L* is my drummer. BTW, he likes firefighters... He likes then a lot :D
  3. Welcoem to the board. well, im an aging hippy, or course i like music. (what stoner dosent?) i like art (not pop art, wow, look at that. he painted a soup can and a pencil) no thats not art. op art is cool to look at tho... yea im rambeling. im not maried, no kids, no gf. AND THATS THE WAY I LIKES IT! hee hee hee.
  4. ummm, no. I like to START fires. big diffrence. not so much any more but I'm a pyro. any way, yes I'm a drummer in bob villas band. i like greatful dead. basically i'm a dead head, pot head, and some say i have my head up my ass. oh well. :D
  5. I am a 36 year old middle class, yuppie hillbilly from the backwards section of the USA. And yes I have been partking as i write this. :confused:
  6. bob villa's drummer ,

    'everybody' says I got my head up mine.

    purplehaze ,
    I will be 50 next year. I design circuits ,and develop products to put them in . I can do just about anything I put my mind to ,and that has made for an interesting life and totally disconnected career path. My income would be middle class ,but my lifestyle varies. I have been smoking for about 35 years. I have no particular interests (besides work) at present ,but I do like learning new things and new ways of doing old things. :)Favorite things........Sex ,drugs(marijuana only),and Rock & Roll !

    Good to see another brit here.

    You can learn more than any sane being would ever want to know about me, and how I'm close to "victory" in the UK anti-prohibition battle on my site

    Have to say, surprised that someone in such a 'high adrenelin' profession is a fan of the mellow weed.

    Maybe there is hope for the country yet?

    Peace Respect & Love

    "The GanjaCat"

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