Nice Stony Evening With Cannabutter

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  1. Been dry for a while, so figured I'd do something new today.  I had been saving stems for nearly a year and decided to make some budder with a friend's help.
    I had 1.5 grams of stems and my friend had some dried leaves, but I had to stealthily sneak a half cup of butter plus I couldn't use my microwave at home nor could he.  So I came up with the brilliant idea of heading to the park to melt the butter in a tin can I had lying around using both me and my friend's lighters.
    We melted the butter, brought it to a boil, mixed in the stems and leaves all the while heating it with our bics.  At around 4:45 this afternoon my friend had a sip of the melted budder and I drank the rest.  While we drank the unstrained budder we joked that if someone rolled up on us we'd say it was broccoli and cheese soup.  :laughing:
    After I was done gagging on a stem from a 3.5 g bud, my friend said that he was beginning to feel it.  He drank like a sixth of the budder, so I knew that I would be having a good time.  After like 10 minutes I too was feeling it, starting as a very faint body change and for the next 2.5 hours I had a nice cerebral high with a mild body buzz.  :smoking:
    Midway thru dinner with my family, it really hit me HARD.  I straight up went from manageable high to holy shit I'm high!  And even now, nearly 5 hours after drinking it, I'm pretty fucking baked.  Definitely don't underestimate stems; it worked WAY better than when I made canna-PB and I only used butter, stems, a tin can, and 2 lighters!!! 

  2. 1.5 grams or ozs?

    I saved about 7 grams of stems in 3 months, mostly from dank.

    Make hash or kief next time.
    I seriously doubt 1.5 grams of stems mixed with melted butter in a tin fucking can will have any effect at all LOL!
    But aside from that....

    What the fuck did I just read!
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    Believe it or not it did in fact work with 1.5 grams.  And since I conserve weed using a oney and self-control (none of my friends know how I manage to do it) I don't buy that much.  Usually I get anywhere from 1.2 grams to an eighth (although I've bought quarter bags a few times) of really good shit when I re-up, depending on how much cash I have laying around.
    I've actually managed to make 0.7 grams ($10) last a month only hitting a oney once a day 3 days a week!
    After drinking it I didn't even think it would work due to how small an amount it was, so it definitely wasn't placebo...   :smoking:
  4. lmfaoooo you straight up drank the fucking cannabutter? haha I've never heard of no shit like that before haha. that's some real shit man
  5. Mhmm.

    And how old are you again?

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    Wow didn't think I'd get flamed for doing something in an unconventional way out of desperation.  Don't have a buttload of money to spend on drugs, nor do I have chill parents that blaze.  I'm 19 and joined this site a month after my 18th birthday.  The age police are really crushing the good vibes of this site...
    *Edit* @JetLifeStony: Yeah I woulda rather dipped some bread in it and enjoyed it that way or let it harden and make some toast.  When you're overweight the last thing you wanna be doing is drinking butter...  :laughing:

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