Nice start for a T break / crazy walmart employee

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by biglebowski, Aug 13, 2008.

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    So i just started a month or so long T break the a few days ago and to be honest nothing exciting has been happening and life has just been plain boring

    so i was job hunting today in a new area im about to move to and i had my backpack on going from store to store to get apps. Anyways i parked in the walmart parking lot and left my car there to walk around and pick up apps. (not from walmart). So a few hrs goes by and i decide ive gotten enough and i start heading back to my car. Im walking across the front of the store when an older walmart employee sitting having a smoke break says "hey, whats in that backpack boy?" And i didnt say shit to him and kept walking cause he looked a bit fucked up in the mind. Then he grabs my back pack and pulls me towards him. Then i shoved him off me, and i was like "what the fuck is your problem?" then he grabbed my left arm and thats when i lost it, i just punched him right in the stomach and he just dropped (mind you this is like a 50-60 yr old guy) so i felt kind of bad, but fuck it that dude put his hands on me. So then the walmart security (aka .50) come over to the scene and take me and the older guy inside, and there treating me like i just beat up some old guy. Then they went over the security tapes, and apparently hes been harrassing numerous customers lately, so they apologized and gave me a $100 gift card to walmart just to let it go. So i got the new madden and new ps3 controller for $18......AMAZING DAY, made my t break possible.:smoking:

    EDIT: It would've been better high though
  2. HAH thats kinda funny. I dont know whether you did a good thing or a bad thing.
  3. What else would you do when some old fuck is pulling on your arm?

    I'd be scared shitless if I had green in the bag (which I probably would). Did they search it or anything?

  4. yeah i felt bad for gut punching him but it just all happend so fast, i didnt even really think about it until after i had already done it, i will also add that this guy was a good 5 inches taller than me and much bigger (as in wieght). And when he grabbed me it wasnt a light , hey let me talk to you, guy fucking jerked the shit out of my arm and pulled me into him. The shit did hurt. Thats why i swung on him.
  5. dude funny ass about to start a T-break for a month or so...
  6. Meh... I once hit my 75 year old dad in the stomach when he was trying to beat me up for smoking weed. I didn't hit him hard enough to drop him like that, though. I took into consideration that he was old!

    I don't think you did the wrong thing. I'd have just subdued the old guy or pushed him hard enough that he'd fall back on his ass. I'd also have made fun of Wal-Mart security for having the crappiest security job in existence.
  7. corporations try to get people to stay hush hush in situations like that where their reputation is on the line. you could have threated to press charges and got a pretty hefty sum.
  8. Dude, thats sweet, $100 for punching a guy.
  9. Haha good thinking kalico. Yah dude thats sweet though, how many others had he harrased and how was he harrasing them lol?
  10. Haha well thats good for you, I bet that guy got fired plus that 100$ I'm almost guaranteed came from his paycheck... That's like 2 weeks of work for a Wal-Mart employee :D
  11. sweet deal hahaha i'll punch somone for 100 bucks!
  12. And so begins your professional boxing career.

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