Nice setup but a few issues

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Taylorchuck, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. I just got my rig all setup, but theres questions Ive been tossing around in my head. The first has to do with heat.

    Im currently running a 400w over a 4x4 space thats open. Im ordering a 6x6 tent for my flowering room. So total Im in a 15x15 room with a 4x4 section in the corner holding my vegging plants and a 250w cfl next to it for my clones and seedlings. Now when I get the tent itll be on the other side of the room and itll be holding a 600w hps for flowering. With all of that in a noninsulated building, I feel like Im just a sitting target for cameras. Is there a good way to cover up the source of the heat or at least dull it enough to make it look like its natural?

    My second issue is whether or not I should just invest the money in buying an LED setup and using the bigger CFL for my clones and seedlings. It seems as if everything will be easier using the LEDs, but I already have half my setup based on an HID setup, not to mention everything that is already in place is running HIDs. Any ideas or research that could be directed this way would be much appreciated.

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