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    Heres some pics for all those who wanted to see....if this link works that is.....the pics are large so they will take a while to load...let me know what you all think.

    Free the herb
  2. Hey

    HOLD ON I GOT TO CLEAN MY KEYBOARD AFTER LOOKIN AT THOSE PICS..LOL...Nice job !! Keep up the great work..:D:D:D
  3. A little Budz..:D

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  4. Great pics and great zooming with digicams.
    We want more....
  5. ya kosh is a great grower!
  6. After the phone call I got today,,,,that just hurts to see them pics......nice plants a anika
  7. Yah, AniKosh, thats a hella garden you got there, My most heartiest congrats.
  8. The link didn't work for me :(
  9. the link did not work for me either

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