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Nice pickup.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by theiceman447, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Thought I would share with my fellow blades. Got an eigth for 50. No name. Smokes great. And I know this is for stash jar, but I want to also ask, how often do you smoke dank vs middies.

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  2. only dank. ONLY!
  3. is that the whole eigth
  4. Only dank. Looks a little short
  5. [quote name='"nb8475"']is that the whole eigth[/quote]

    After I smoked 1.5.
  6. [quote name='"The Nickatina"']Only dank. Looks a little short[/quote]

    Watched him weigh it. My guy is spot on. Lol.
  7. smoke dank every day, but when im short on dank i add some mids to the bunch to make the dank last, i do this probably 2 times in a month
  8. For whatever reason, if anyone mentions the word "eighth" along with a picture, they always get scrutinized to the highest degree by geniuses of measurement.

    A single bud macro from a larger pick up generally doesn't get a second glance for accuracy. It's strange is all I'm saying.

    The lighter probably didn't help, though.

    Enjoy your pick-up, theiceman447!

    As for me, I only ever smoke dank anymore. I don't even know where the hell I would go to find mids or lower.
  9. 1 i hope thats not your entire eigth. 2 Dank only i can count the amount of times ive smoked mids/schwag on one hand(4 times).
  10. Listen. Its only 2 grams. Thats it. Lol.
  11. wrong section

    dont worry, the mods wont do anything about it though, they only bother threads created by blades of 8+ years only...

    anyways, i never smoke mids, honestly i cant even find mids if i tried to....itd take me a few months, i only have dank connects, ii woudnt mind havent some mids to extend my stash but since i have an awesome connect atm i can afford an oz whenever i need one, so dank for the past 10 years or so
  12. you can't say you bought an eighth then post a picture of 2 grams. Your dealing with a bunch of stoned fools don't be confusing and you won't get those kinds of questions next time
  13. 50 for an eigth ? jesus... why is it so expensive down there? lol

    and also i guess you use the term eigth very loosely, thats more like 2gs

    and i still have no idea what mids are, ive only seen dank here in Canada :D
  14. where i live, there is literally only dank. im trying to find mids for brownies, but i cant. it actually ridiculous. right now, i have lemon haze and orange kush. i will get a quarter of OG kush this week too. in a month, i will probably buy an 1/8 of purple weed(dont know the strain). i feel like a collector :)
  15. That bag looks pin.
    But yeah, tree looks good.
  16. Nice pickup, how you gonna smoke it? And the infamous white lighter :(
  17. I smoke what I have, dank or middies. Though I always have dank so I guess dank only haha.
  18. Look guys. I bought 3.5 for 50. Matched a few bowls with dealer. Smoked a bowl with another friend. That was about 2.7 cause I had another smoking sesh. After I had 2 grams. And that was the two big buds. And its dense. And its not a medical state. So yea, 50.
  19. hahahaha don't bother bro nobody on this forum reads. Good pickup and enjoy your bud you know you didn't get shorted that's all that matters.
  20. [quote name='"xSadrulesx"']

    hahahaha don't bother bro nobody on this forum reads. Good pickup and enjoy your bud you know you didn't get shorted that's all that matters.[/quote]

    True. Wish I could rep on the app. Look for that shot bro. Its commin.

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