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nice pickup HYDRO GROWN ak-47 hairryyyyy**picss**

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by pbhaig818, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. hairier than teenwolf fashowww

    all in all picked up 10grams of this stuff. this is the second batch. one of the nugs on the first batch i couldve sworn were made of only hairs. hahaha i love my sativa.

    this nug in the picture weighed 1.3 its extremely dense.


  2. Looks tasty, wish I had some right now. Gotta hate being dry...
  3. jeeese, straight up FIRE! Enjoy bro!
  4. gawgous dude plain gorgeous
  5. Really nice, I've been trying to get AK-47 for a while now!
  6. Shit looks beautiful lol I wish I wasnt on probation
  7. looks great, but what does hydro have to do with quality?

  8. :smoke: Smoke a fat joint for me shitttt....
  9. Looks like good shit, but sativa tends not to be dense
  10. im outta this stuff mangggg

    imma go to the club tomorow n see what i can get. i was thinkin hindu kush cause they got it. but we'll see.

    and my brothers friend owns the club so he hooks my brother up like 2.0 of banana kush for 20$ and in my area thats amazing.
  11. ^^^ people need to fuckin read the rules of this site. call me a stickler but ive seen way too many of these "new" gc members talking about slangin and selling.
  12. i thought ak was indica. sativa is usually fluffy. you could make half a gram look like a dub with this stuff I had before...
  13. thats some nice fuckin bud man!
  14. That shit looks like Carrot Top.
  15. dense weed is always good. just snap off a little ass nug and roll a fat ass joint with it.

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