NICE Pickup: 5 LBS (pics...)

Discussion in 'General' started by 5446was my#, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. So I got a new puppy (sorry if the threads not what you expected)!! :D

    It was free from a friend whose neighbors didn't want it. He's tiny! Probably actually around 3-5 lbs. I've got plenty of lovin' to go around for animals. I absolutely love them. Hope he gets along with my current dog. They better.

    Here is this cute little dude:


  2. Awww...cute dog
    What kind is he?
  3. Haha nice. Yea what kind of dog is it?

    My dog is full-grown and he's 6.3 lbs :D
  4. My friend who gave it to me has absolutely no idea. It's too small to tell for me. I think it's a mutt with some Boxer in him. He's paying a visit to the vet one of these days so the vet could give me a better idea.
  5. Actually he kind of looks like my other dog, she's a Boston Terrier/Lab mix.

    That dog looks like it's got some lab in it...
  6. Must...hug...puppy.... too cute....

    I want one.
  7. now you've done it!!
  8. Yo, can you hook me an eighth?
  9. Do you want me to like, send you a peice of his tail, or a steamy little present he left me? :confused:
  10. Whichever is danker and has more trichomes.:D
  11. OMG what a sweet baby!!!!!
  12. LMFAO!

    Nice pup man... I want one, but I want a baby red-nose :D
  13. Aw he's a cutie. Yeah I was expecting something a bit different when I read the thread title, but that puppy made up for it. :)
  14. That is one pimp ass dog dude

    My dog is I think 4 lbs at full grown... hes a sly dude

    Maybe we can battle our puppies
  15. Thanks! :wave:

    He's playful, yet vicious. My other dog is about 105 lbs and this little guy will try to playfully pick a fight with him. Funny shit.
  16. Its always good to have a new companion.

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