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Nice pick up of some Trainwreck

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by nihan, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Just picked up a 1/4 from my boy. Good shit
    Enjoy the pics :smoking:
  2. Haha, those are beautiful nugs dude,
    I would love to pack them up, and cash them.~!

  3. come on up bro:smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:
  4. bah! dude, I would totally hit you up on that offer bro :0!
    that would be a DANK smoke out.
  5. Man, you gotta love DANK nugs.
  6. Trainwreck and NL are my top 2 to smoke. Well grown like yours!
  7. Id have to say my top 2 are now Super Silver Haze and some good ole Trainwreck =)
  8. Love trainwreck. Great pickup!:hello:
  9. smoked some and id have to say it gives you an amazing head high:hello:
  10. mmm that dank looks potent, your trainwreck deffinantly outweighed mine.
  11. This is good stuff and gives you energy! My girl JLPUFFNSTUFF bought this the last time she went to the club and gave me some for my trip from CA to WA! Yummers!

    I have a side bar question for anybody in or from MONTANA-How much for an O for a mid?
  12. Dankalicious!!!
  13. nicehanddddd

    its lookin good dude..
  14. haha gotta kill this shit saturday

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