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Nice looking buds canada

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Dinkus, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. Some buds left over from my quarter, filled with crystals and orange hairs. Gets me blazed. :D

    Also Im a horrible camera man.

  2. This looks like mass-produced, chemically grown, schwaggy beasters man. I know Canada has some amazing buds, but quite frankly I don't think these are them! Better luck next time.
  3. Looks good to me :D
  4. man i hate how everyone busts on the beasters dude sayin shits wrong with em . we got some good ass beasters round here and aaint a thing wrong with em. so dude +rep i know those beasters r yummy as hell nice pickup homie:p
  5. Thats some bomb droo man.

    Around here its about 50 a Q
  6. i KNOW i've smoked that bud before in the UK..
    quite a few times :D
  7. You trolling ogre, how about we see some of your bud then eh?

  8. Eh? Does not seem to bad and probably only cost him 40-50 bucks at the most. Americans pay double that for pot half as good. I agree it's not the best bud, but thats about as bad as we get in Canada.
  9. Currently have some of that beaster nug.. m39 if you wanna be correct.

    Looks kinda the same.. mine are a little more crystally and popcornish though
    definatly some bomb weed..

  10. the guy i quoted above could be right, so dont flame him yet. The bud aboove looks real good, but looks generally how beasters does. Most beasters looks real good, but due to chemicals and mass producing, and not being flushed/cured properly, sometimes it sucks. It all depends on how the above bud smokes. I'm not saying its not beasters, but it could verry well be.
  11. I'd smoke it, beaster of not. Nice grab.
  12. looks exactly like the stuff i get here in london, BY NO MEANS is it bad bud. Not the dankest of buds, but decently keify with a very nice taste. Mines usually a good mix of sativa/indica.
  13. yeah man hurtz is so right, just looks like regular outdoor headies... but still is good bowl weed.

  14. you dont mass produce out door in canada, its all in grow houses, i think. haha
  15. Don't listen to this bullshit pot snob. He's simply wrong.
    It's great shit bro.
  16. What the name of this buds, I swear I had the same bud that looks the exact same a week ago

  17. He Is WRONG. I had the same shit and I got ripped
  18. man.. have you ever smoked any of this?

    it really isint bad at all.. yeah its mass produced.. but its not bad tasting or really chemical-ey either.

    its becuase its a lot easier to do it here, but it isint bad at all. not exactly the dankest stuff.. but still gets you pretty high and is really cheap compared to a lot of US stuff thats not even half as good that you pay WAAAAAY much more for.
  19. Ok sorry guys I wasn't trying to be a condescending dick even though it appears that I came off that way. The area I live on the east coast of the US (NC), actually gets some phenomenal buds pretty frequently. However I am not a pothouse just typing away at something I know nothing about! I have had my fair share of beasters and schwag in my day, and I was just being honest about what I thought of the posted nugs in the picture. Looking at it now it doesn't quite look so harsh as what I had before mentioned. I'm sorry to offend anyone and looking back at this post now I would say that it just looks like some average lower-end headies. Btw though guys there is a big difference between beasters and any calibre headies. True beasters by definition (at least around here and in California) is known as chemically grown, mass-produced, low quality bud that is grown solely for the cash profit. These commercial grows don't require the same amount of care and devotion to individual plants as does that of a headies crop. They look like decent buds, but they lack the flavors and the aroma of high-grade marijuana. They are harsh to the taste and smell like what I would describe as "barnyard." Sorry again if I was flaming anyone though, no harm intended!

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