Nice little Valentine's Day present from my Girlfriend

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  1. [​IMG]

    The funny thing about this is my girlfriend is kind of against me smoking and yet she goes out and buys me a nice spoon for Valentine's Day.

    The weed is a no name dank

    Sorry for below average picture quality.
  2. i really like the design of that bowl man, just looks a lil thin in the middle could be the pic tho
  3. Nice man. reminds me of some bones or somethin.
    You name it yet?:)
  4. Yeah it is a kind of thin in the middle but I really liked the design of it and I take good care of my pieces.

    And nope I have not thought of a name for it yet.
  5. it's not about the pipe, it's about her acceptance of your hobby. my ex gf gave me a weed beanie [that i wear every day], a weed butane lighter, and a hemp wristband and she told me it's because she's trying to be more supportive. [an ex said that, haha. you know her motive!]

    so that right there is two thumbs up.
  6. gotta watch out though man, she might try to hold it against you
  7. Watch out for them crafty women. :devious:
  8. Very nice looking spoon I must say. You must be very pleased
  9. Thats a wicked sweet pipe. Never really seen one so skinny before.
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    bitch im from cleveland we get money
  11. Yes sir Bitch I'm from Cleveland.

    But thanks guys I love the pipe and it smokes great.

    I have never seen one this skinny either I think it may be some of the guys custom stuff at my local shop cause he blows his own pieces in the shop and puts graphics on them for you.:hello:
  12. "hey... you support my habbit.. remember my valentines day present? stfu. I love you. "
  13. it sure is nice, but tiny!
  14. In high school I remember my girlfriend on valentines brought me a lil film container full with dank, it was an awesome gift
  15. its a nice lookin spoon man, But i have to say that Weed looks kinda shwagy
  16. I assure you it is not my good sir, it is probably just a combination of my cell phone camera the shadow cast on the bud and I broke it up a decent amount before I packed it.
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    Wow! Really it is very unique gift which I have never seen before. Your girl friend is very romantic as well as very creative person to think for this type of wonderful gift. Nice gift and I appreciate your girl friend's feelings towards you.
  18. nahh they only think they crafty. got dem bichez on lock.

    yea cuz you can def tell from that picture :rolleyes:

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