Nice lil bake n wake

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Skraggz, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. its 7:30 am here now n i got up 10 past 7 so i got a lil bit of weed left from the beg i bought last nite, i just got a standard 10 off my m8s brother. I used mst of the 10 rolling a blunt, mango royal blunt its was. So there were 4 of us ther, me, my m8, my m8s bro and my m8s brothers m8 :confused: lmao all just passing round the blunt between us my m8 dosnt usually smoke weed n when he hit the blunt he was like yo this is heavy, i culd puff on this all day. so we was quite chilled after that n then about 5 mins later my m8s brother rolled up a massive joint and gave it round jus to his m8 n me the other guy dnt like joints. so when it was handed to me i was like o shit safe, i was kinda puffin on it alot takin loadza small tokes multiple times i was proper killin it n i realised it was my m8s brothers so i chucked it back to hom n then i goes aww how many puffs before pass n he said like 2 n i was like o.....:D:smoke::eek: (btw i dont know where this story is goin lol) but we just blazed tha then n he told me to kill it i was like saafe :p so i killed the joint n then put it in the ashtray. we played fifa n just chill ad a few laffs, n i was jus proper laxing out munchin on cookies n juice :D sayin tha i got another pack upsters im gonn get now lol n then i got home 2 sleep later on n was proepr sleepin. anyways i no this aint a great story but im buzzin n i no i like to read all ur stories wen im high. L8az ppl :wave: :yay::metal::ey::gc_rocks:
  2. Dude wtf is "m8"?...anyway if this story is true sounds like you had a good time.
  3. hahah did you notice that you said nothing about the bake and wake and just talked about the blunt you rolled the night before
  4. WTF was that incoherent jibberish...?
  5. Lmao, this is like my 3rd post? but i browse often...its hilarious how you go to tell a story about your wake and bake and go into a story about the night before and forgot the original post...happy tokin'!
  6. hahahaha that was some funny shit.
  7. wtf is up with you not beleiveing anyone about smoking dope??? and obviouslt buddy is from the UK or australia and m8 means his mate(friend)
  8. Yeah I was just thinking the same thing.

    Where the fuck is this wake-and-bake story?
  9. i think you need to take another english course, buddy.

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