Nice Home made piece.

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  1. Check out this nice homemade water bong out of sink hose, pvc pipes, and a metal threaded piece. Used hawaiin punch bottle for water.

  2. PVC is not good to smoke out of...

    You should not be using PVC ever. Fumes can be created from the plastic and a basic rule is NEVER INHALE BURNING PLASTIC.
  4. looks nice but yeah the PVC thing... not a good idea try to find something less fume-able
  5. Would using PVC as the tube only be ok? Like if I put a glass downstem and slide in it? That way the PVC wouldn't be heated, so no fumes would be made, right? I want a 5 foot bong and want to spend as little money on it as possible.
  6. if the heat never touches plastic before it hits the water its fine. but find something else to use as a bowl, I don't think copper is great when you heat it up either.
  7. Put some ice in the water too, just so the downstem doesn't heat up the tube where it enters and to just generally keep it cooler. PVC is baaad.
  8. Ya im trying to think of what to use in place of the pipe. And as for the copper bowl i have a pipe with an unscrewable bowl that i place on it and pack so that shoudnt be a factor.
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    You should be fine, id try and cool the smoke completly. but I have heard the smoke can cause a chemical reaction with the PVC and thus cause some toxic fumes. Im not sure if this is accurate or not. Also what i would try doing is making a chamber where you can put ice in the water with your hawian punch bottle, either that or get a bottle with a bigger top of the bottle - I forgot what that was called. Either that or put a perc on your bottle, then put the PVC on top of that.

    EDIT: Fill up the water higher then normal, and im not sure if this would be a good idea or not, but put a stopper on the bottem of your downstem and drill holes in the side if you can to make a diffuser to help cool the smoke.

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