Nice Guys vs Douchebags... what do girls prefer?

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  1. College girls give their opinion on whether they prefer nice guys or assholes

    Honestly from my experience most girls are into the typical aggressive, somewhat douchey a-hole over nice guys. But to save face I think a lot of them say nice guy cause it seems like thats what society is trying to push nowadays.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. I prefer nice guys but not "nice guys" aka the guys who are only acting nice because they want to sleep with you. I'd take the d-bag who's upfront and honest about what they want than the guy who I have a hunch is not what he appears.
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  3. They want a douchebag to treat them nice.
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  4. Honestly "nice guys" often complain about how "oh I treat women so well how can they not appreciate this!", but don't realize that being put on a pedestal is actually not that enjoyable for the person on that pedestal. I've had it happen to me personally.

    A girl I knew in high school got bullied quite a bit, lots of people treated her badly, so when I treated her with a modicum of decency she decided I was the best person on Earth. And I'm just thinking "whoa slow down I'm actually not that good" lol.

    Most people want a romantic relationship with an equal, not a follower or worshiper or whatever
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  5. No one outside of the internet takes the alpha beta shit seriously. "Just b urself".
    That being said, I do believe in lookism and the halo effect.
  6. College and High School girls seem to like assholes while women like a nicer guy.
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  7. Reasons divorce rates are so high women prefer douche bags

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  8. Not the real women of course

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  9. The nice guy like my husband who treat me like I am supposed to be treated but not afraid to stand up for me to anyone.

  10. Hang in there, nice wins in the end.
  11. Sexxy air headed bitches like the bad boy becuz they can feel protected ..However, real women like nice guys bcuz they realize bad boys have no problem beating the hell outta them & thats somethin they want to avoid .. yeah the sexiest bitches go for the bad boy but the thing is, a lot of them often regret it becuz of the drama that comes with it so they end up having a nice guy on the side .. then as the bad boy goes to jail the nice guy gets to hop in the bed with them .. Its a vicious cycle that I’ve seen happen over and over ..
  12. Cars and money.

    My six pack abs and huge cock have failed to get any good girls to notice.

  13. Nice guys. Real nice guys. Not the “I’m a nice guy but you bitches won’t fuck me” types. Decent, intelligent, funny (very important), and respectful.

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  14. This man is thinking out of the box
  15. People who take premarital counselling experience a much lower rate of divorce; divorce rates are high among people who do not take premarital because of finance.
  16. People go to marriage counseling before they get married? I’ve personally never known anyone to go to counseling before they got married.

    Because of finance

    So you’re saying that divorce rates are high because people didn’t go to marriage counseling before they got married because they couldn’t afford to?

    I must be reading that wrong.

  17. Most women I met preferred the douchebags. Or rather lying pricks. All my relationships failed cause I'm an honest asshole. That's probably the least desirable
  18. I've heard of premarital counseling but only in a religious context. As in, it is/was customary for the rabbi/priest to counsel the couple on what marriage is like, common pitfalls, etc before they do the deed to help them make an informed decision. I didn't grow up with religion and I generally think religion is one of the worst things about humans but I think premarital counseling is a good idea.

    No guarantees in life but a wise level headed person could help give a soon to be married couple some valuable perspective.
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