Nice brother.

Discussion in 'General' started by Knucks, Jul 17, 2003.

  1. Well, my brother (older than me) is a new smoker and wanted to get some pot for tomorrow morning. I said we could get it tonight so we went and picked up some dank (1/4 50 bucks. 1/8 for both of us) Great smell, good chrystals) and smoked at my dealers house. When we got home his friend rolled him a blunt. He used maybe 2 grams, and gave me the rest (I think my dealer gave me some more, cool. About 2 or 3 grams left).

    It's not alot, but the 1/8th was only $25 plus the weed my bro gave me which is a pretty good deal for around here.

    The moral of the story is... i don't know. I'm still stoned from my dealers house. :smoking:

    Free weed is good in any amount. I'll be smokin him out alot this summer.
  2. thats good for him....I wish my bro will lighten up on it and take a puff.....

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