NIA's "College Conspiracy" debuts tomorrow, and it will be a MUST watch!

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    This is for all those people, young kids who either hold "college degrees" in high regard as the standard OR thinking about going. I have been wrestling back and forth myself, thinking about going back to "finish" what I could not awhile ago, but this film may prove that the costs DO NOT favor the benefits anymore. Find out tomorrow. I am sure they will present statistics that show there are more cons than pros with this decision :(

    The National Inflation Association (NIA) is getting ready to release its latest feature documentary 'College Conspiracy'. NIA intends to release the movie 5 days from now on Sunday, May 15th. 'College Conspiracy' will be the most comprehensive documentary ever produced that exposes the facts and truth about U.S. college education, which NIA considers to be the largest scam in American history.

    Despite college tuition inflation being the most consistent form of price inflation over the past decade, 70.1% of high school graduates are currently enrolling into college, a new record. The value of a college degree is declining even faster than tuitions are skyrocketing in price, but students are being brainwashed by the college-industrial complex, which is working in cahoots with the mainstream media and U.S. government to turn students into indentured servants for life.

    Back in 1960, only 45.1% of American high school students enrolled into college. However, during the following 8 year period from 1960 to 1968, the number of high school graduates enrolling into college increased by 90.5%. America's college enrollment rate broke 50% for the first time in 1965 and reached a high in 1968 of 55.4%...snip

    National Inflation Association
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    Put 18 years in, get (negative $100,000) back

    You can't explain that!

    Where's O'reilly at?! Where he at?!

    edit: Just watched it.

    and - LOL. America is so fucked v.2.0
  4. I have a hard time taking the NIA seriously...
  5. Umm pardon me sir, but I AM proof positive of what NIA speaks of, and in the opening it says a person can EDUCATE themselves over the internet. I HAVE DONE just that. Better than any brick and mortar building that stands. You can take that one to the bank!;)
  6. welcome back r4l...I thought the fed was the biggest conspiracy? but I understand what you mean, but what are the options? I finished law school and I have not one regret now. Would I rather have had a life as a teen/young adult? sometimes...but now I get to feel what going after a dream and finishing (top 10%) feels like, while most of my high school friends are still struggling. Its a no brainer to me. Really, what other option do you have?
    ps. not flaming you man, but what happened to the militarys participation with RAP? where are these guys now? Whats going on with em?

  7. "Going after a dream" in the collegiate scenario requires running a long lavish and expensive rat race, only to graduate and then get paid to run a bigger rat race....

    I get what you're saying, but I think most kids fall into the trap of college supposedly being their only option...

    The very system robs you of life and indoctrinates a person into the business / pencil pusher mindset, and the job you get after college has you chasing a fabricated reality.... thus further robbing you of the full, true life you could have had..

    It's the whole fucking system man, just thinking about it boils my blood... :mad::mad::mad:

    that being said, i need to watch this documentary soon :bongin:
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    What are the options ? Oh please spare me Smoke. The first option is to TAKE DOWN the status quo, and BRING back our manufacturing base. We are a service based economy, with everything OUTSOURCED. WE used to make everything, but thanks to GLOBALISM we have been gutted. Great Smoke, hope it works for you. There are TOO MANY LAWYERS as it is, and a huge glut of law graduates. Don't be too quick to say you are going after any dream, let alone myself, with INFLATION coming around the corner, and if it sparks HYPERINFLATION before the FED can be stopped.... You better have gold/silver/hard assets to ride it out. Millions will be poor and food will become out of reach for many

    LOL RAP I gave time til about Oct, and decided its really not going anywhere. The real restoration would happen if Ron Paul is elected, which I feel strongly HE WILL BE, as too many people are now pissed off at being duped. Its really CHOOSE the reversal of business as usual and RESTORE what made America great OR keep the dammed system going til they BREAK US, IMPOVERISH US and then finally KILL US! Don't think you are exempt Smoke. I am a "useless eater" just as much as you are to the elitist. Decide your fate people... 2012 is the END GAME! I know that I have decided if I want my entrepreneurial dream to happen, that I must get out, be active in the campaign and EDUCATE people to why they really need to support and vote for Ron Paul
  9. Very well said indeed! And yes, it is the "system".... Another good doc that goes more into detail about people in the "inner circles" and those that are not "in", and where they go in life. Just because you go to HARVARD, YALE or MIT does NOT mean you are part of the club

    Hulu - The American Ruling Class - Watch the full movie now.
  10. dont get me wrong...i agree with you on the bs outsourcing of our goods / labor. it goes deeper than that though, its b/c the bullshit redtape that (esp. small) buisnesses have to jump through and pay in rediculous taxes / bribes to be up to some dumb ass codes the local then state then federal government put into place. THATS what the outsourcing is all about. Its bs and thats the way it is now (unfortunately)...thats also what Im saying about my choice to go into law and through the aggervation of extra schooling, thats just how it is right now and thats why I did what I did. I did get a job outta school too btw. a big firm too, in AM top 100, so far...yea, it is a dream job / life.
  11. Smoke I interpret this as YOU want to keep this system going, but you simply do not understand the detriment to many. Sorry Smoke, I am here to tell you that MANY like me are tired of it, and WE WILL END IT! In the doc the American Ruling Class it says once people STOP supporting this system we will be better off. You SUPPORT A FREAKING ILLUSION Smoke :mad:

  12. Just a question:

    Is it really your dream?

    Or was your dream too "unconventional to rationally achieve?"

    Or did you ever have a passion you wanted to pursue?
  13. I have 2 quotes for you :

  14. well, i guess i sould just denounce my worldly possessions / quit what I have worked for / let my family suffer and lose everything including connections with good people all because you and the like minded people that didnt accomplish what they set out to do said Im part of a problem (one that has the majority vote apparently) maybe it isnt me that actually has the problem. Little less conspiracy thinking or maybe if you just acteed on something insted of thinking / blogging. whatever your issue is with the life i choose for me and the family due to the circumstances I knew existed...believe me, you can deal with them how ever you like. good night
  15. i see your point and you are correct... I would have loved to do more laid back living and lived on a beach somewhere on a island, living of the land type of thing you know... but the system didnt allow that to be a plausable option, not atfirst atleast. I get it, i thought about it over and over till it became a dream of mine and a means to obtain my first true life dream. I just saw that its what I needed to do and I went for it b/c the way america is set up.
  16. LOL you think you will have a choice with HYPERINFLATION! I beg to differ. You have a lot to learn when choosing for yourself/family. Go ahead, and see what happens. Just promise me to WATCH all the products you buy, continue to go up and decide just where you are FED UP WITH IT and that worthless paper! Enough of us are now

  17. lol was that 2nd quote sarcastic? cause i'm like, of the complete opposite mindset... almost
  18. Is something wrong with being a lawyer or going to college or something?

    WTF just happened?
  19. Nope, not at all! It means I HAVE lived the quote to reality. That IS how life worked for me. You can plan all you want to and for some of us it doesn't/won't or can't work out like we want it to...

  20. So all you've wanted to do with your life is basicly just chill?

    I mean, that's cool, to each his own...

    but I just feel like we're presented a pre-determined set of options for careers that will give us "good lives", when our definition of "good life" is a little off and the options for good careers are actually limitless

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