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  1. I took 26 Niacin the day before my test although it wasnt a full 24 hours as everyone says your suppose to take it before the test. I showed up positive with PCP and Marijuana even though I took them. Has anyone THEMSELVES passed a UA (honestly) using Niacin? If so, please give full details on how to use Niacin.

    NOTE - I used regular old Niacin 500mg tablets. It wasnt time release.
  2. i think that u have to take it longer than a day before the test, and i dont know if that would even take care of the PCP cause it just burns the thc out PCP goes out a differnt way i think
  3. I used Niacin and passed my test. I had the 100mg non-time release capsules from cvs. I needed to pass a Military drug test a week and 2 days after I had smoked. For 1 week I took 500mg in the morning and 500mg at night and drank a ton of water. I had no trouble passing.

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