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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Broosh, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. what's the correct way to consume it?
  2. you can't just take one, you gotta do like 3 at a time and just snort it man all at once in one huge line it gets you so fucked up
  3. clearly you think i'm an idiot.
  4. depends on the dose. i always had 250mgs and would take 2 for each meal. im 168lbs, 6 1, and im about 17-18 % body fat. after about 3 days it was out of my system. make sure its non time release. and try to sweat as much as possible cuz that healps.
  5. its doesnt work!!!!
  6. im livin proof that it does. its a vitamin B which speeds your metabolism
  7. why does it matter if it's time released or not?
  8. im not too sure, but when i was usin time release it didnt work for shit. then my friend gave me non time release and i KNEW instantly it was workin. when it burns you know its workin.
  9. are you sure it didn't work? or do you think it didn't work bc you didn't burn? haha.
  10. both. i thot it was weird that i had taken 3 250mg and nothin happened other than i pissed a lot from drinkin water. and when i tested after like 5 days (about 1000mg per day) i was still dirty. if you dont trust niacin then just go to GNC or the vitamin shoppe and say "i have a drug test comin up soon, how do i get weed out my system?" they will direct you to all the shit that works for that
  11. Just take a couple a couple times
  12. well me and my friend both tried it he did it for counceling on a charge of selling shitload of pills at school and ive tried it on a home drug test and it didnt work for either of us we took 2 each day for 3 days before the drug test and our skin turned bright red and tingled like crazy and burnt but it didnt work

    although one thing that DOES work is portable aqua tablet (they make creek water safe to drink) but if its a very high tech test at all it they wont work and the test will come out faulty or something atleast thats what he said happened to him when he did it for counceling
  13. Most people I know use 500MG flush free niacin once a day. It has worked for a lot of my friends in a matter of days. I took it for 2 weeks with a break from smoking and I still failed a DT :(

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