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Niacin No Flush Drug Test In One Day

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bmaze2x, May 24, 2013.

  1. I have 1 pill of Niacin No Flush. Drug Test Tomorrow. Last time smoking was two nights ago, and I have a fast metablism. I know this pill wont cleanse me by itself but Im looking for what I need to do in order to pass my drig test. I know drink water & stuff like that. But if anyone knows what I need to do specifically that would be great.
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    Chances are you are gong to fail the test, hon! Sorry! And niacin, although good for you, does nothing but color your urine yellow!
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    If you are a very light user, dilution may help. Whatever you do, don't diet!
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    There are some tricks that may work-
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    \nBlaming a baby wash product might get you a retest if you do test positive.
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    If it is an oral swab test, just having excellent oral hygiene is enough to let you pass. Brush all of your mouth- teeth, gums and tongue, floss, and then use a high alcohol, or tartar removal mouth wash and repeat!
    FYI- It takes about a month for your body to clear itself of the THC metabolites. Good luck, hon!
  3. Have fun losing your job/getting arrested/getting kicked out of mommy's house! :laughing:
  4. You are going to fail the test. Not even a slim chance of passing, not in 3 days.
  5. Ask a friend to piss in a tube and under.the armpit or gooch to keep it body temp works like a treat for me :) (unless they watch u piss u wont get caught)

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  6. trollololololol
  7. Would you like to do something other than insulting me in every thread I post?
  8. yeah follow granny's advice she never lets you down. your probably going to fail man, better find a clean friend and get some piss.

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