NHL has reached and agreement!

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by xpurplehaze420x, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Leaves us with a 48 game season to start on the 14th i believe
  2. Oh sweet...I am glad that we get some kind of season.
  3. Ahhhh. I was enjoying watching ohl and ahl games instead of the nhl. I am glad they reached an agreement though.
  4. So excited! Go Bruins!
  5. There is a possibilty it may be a 50 game season instead of a 48 but thats from yahoo so not sure on the realiability of the source. Anyways go bruins
  6. I say fuck them, I hope not a single person changes their channel over to their network.

    If they want to be greedy fucks and deprive us of a national sport (for Canada at least) then. We should do the same and deprive them of our support.

    I really hope "hockey" dies off along with all the greedy fuckers in it.
  7. Go wings!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to watch some games this year.
  8. Devils Bruins first game Jan 15!
  9. All of the excited fans are the exact reason the NHL know they can do this whenever they want and walk all over their fans. And they will always come back. F them. Not watching a game this season. I wish the season got cancelled. They even said as much before this started when they stated they were confident in all of their loyal (sucker) fans to support them. And they will. the arenas will fill, and in 4 or 5 yrs, they will strike/lockout again. The only sport in the US to learn anything was MLB, because fans DID stop going, and baseball hurt for years. Then they passed out steroids, got a lot of HR's and got fans back, lol, but thats another story.

    Seriously, if the fans go back to the games and tune in on the TV this year, it just tells the NHL they can do it again in a few years with no penalty. I won't watch hockey at all this year, and who knows, maybe not ever again. Although that may not be likely, definitely not this year. Not an ounce of interest. And I SO don't want to see my team win the cup this year, in the year of the asterik.
  10. turn up. GO DEVILS !

    keep it trilla.
  11. Haha gtfo out my thread!! Go flyers!!
  12. Although we took a beating last night it was a good game.

    Go Canes!
  13. Hooooooocccckkkkkey tooooooowwwwn

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