NH just legalized

Discussion in 'General' started by Greatdank12, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. It just passed the House.... Not legalized yet bro....
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    Oh, nevermind lol. Guess it won't happen then with the reppublican house...
  3. Lol I was like "No fucking way" haha... That's awesome but who knows it may pass. If the senate has common sense then they would.
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    It wont Governor Maggie Hassan says she will veto the bill...she promises. Very disappointing too since she is a Democrat.
  5. Wow, that fucking blows.
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  6. I don't live there but bet she gets voted out.
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  7. I have heard NH has pretty lax weed laws already, is this true?
  8. I mean there's a first offense law and stuff but besides that it's not really too bad.

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    i live in new hampshire and it isnt legalized, i fuckin wish dude ._.
    the old fucks who r in there need to gtfo because in the bill it states that only pateints with critical conditions (like if u litterly dying) are allowed to get a card and grow. like lol? i thought our motto was live free or die. let me grow this legaly already so i can stop hiding it in my damn closet.
    those who dont pass it will not get elected again in nh lemme tell u.
  10. New Hempshire
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    ^greatness right here
    The cops in NH are A-HOLES when it comes to weed. And all the old people that live here are pretty much the reason why it isnt legalized yet.
  13. Yeah was def surprised to see it even pass the House. NH doesnt have medical, unless it passed recently. Worst state in NE for mj laws..
    live on nh border as well... if this thing passes I'm movin north!
  14. It probably won't pass considering the NH senate has a republican majority. 
  15. It's too bad that she will veto it if it reaches her desk. If somehow it were to miraculously pass and become legalized I would be so happy. Probable creame myself a couple times.
    Yeah I got really excited for a bit lol....but it won't pass. At least the politicians in NH who aren't for it won't make it back into office.

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