NFL kicks off tonight(colts vs saints)

Discussion in 'General' started by ondrugz, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. i cant wait :hello:should be a sick game
  2. Gonna be a great night I can tell..
  3. its finally here! now i can actually look forward to sundays
  4. I'm liking the Saints in this one. Should be a very entertaining match to say the least.
  5. Just rolled up a blunt...def gonna be a nice game.
  6. dam, im all fuckin happy. any predictions for next super bowl champs?

    im saying Broncos over Philly 21- 17
  7. I cant wait either, 1 hour 6 minutes and counting until kickoff.

    Im going with the Colts, its their homefield. and Peyton is a beast. Saints have a shitty secondary which will just make matters worse.

    Its def going to be close and a great offensive game to start the season.

    I think Louisville is playing in college football as well, ill probably flip back and forth.
  8. damn right brotha... I don't see the Eagles there but I see the Broncos winning it all :hello:
  9. So happy NFL is back on Sundays. Its the sign that the fall is here.
  10. Dont quote me on this, I heard it early this morning on ESPN radio, but the last 5 of 6 super bowl champions did not make the playoffs the following season. Interesting fact. I hope Indy doesnt get cursed like that. Should be a great game.. high profile players on both teams will make it exciting
  11. i think the chargers could go all the way this year
  12. If by Chargers you mean Dallas Cowboys.

    T.O is ready to go. Our offense is great our defense is great.
  13. TO is ready to drop some balls, most overrated reciever ever
  14. BAWAHAHAHA.. if by most overrated you mean one of the best ever.

    TO only dropped so many balls last year because of his broken finger, if he had surgery he would have missed the playoffs... he got the surgery in the offseason and has looked great.

    Get Ya Popcorn Ready.
  15. they lost all their coaches and now have Norv Turner. Look at Norv's track record as a head coach...
  16. Yes, I can't wait to see Tony Romo prove that he's a complete bust
  17. Before you make yourself look dumb... here are some of his numbers.

    6 of the last 7 seasons he has been over 1,000 yards receiving, the only season he didnt was one he played 7 games in his final season with Philly.

    Has close to 12,000 career receiving yards and 114 TD's.
  18. Romo will have a better season than Cutler.
  19. ive been watching TO since the 49ers, ever seen his big catch against the packers that got the 9ers to the play offs? TO dropped about 10 balls that day prior to that catch

  20. One game makes a guys legacy? this is a guy who the media hates, so they roast him.

    Any cowboys fan has known that TO has not only not had any off the field distractions.. but he gave us 13TD's last season and took the cowboys to the playoffs for the first time since the glory days.

    You either hate him or love him.

    EDIT- what have the 9er's and Iggles been able to do since they lost TO?... Nothing.. Iggles are solid but they arent the contender they were when they have him.

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