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    Today a newly-formed group - New York Physicians for Compassionate Care - will hold a press conference to announce that over 600 physicians in New York have signed a letter of intent urging state lawmakers to approve medical marijuana legalization.
    The announcement comes as legislators discuss legislation – Assembly Bill 6357 and Senate Bill 4406 – which would establish a system of state-licensed dispensaries to supply medical marijuana to qualified patients. The measure has already been approved by its initial committee, and according to the bill's sponsor, has enough votes to pass the full Assembly and Senate.
    Assembly Health Committee Chair Richard Gottfried is a powerful Democrat in the chamber. He is confident the bill will pass this year.
    A recent poll by the Siena Research Institute found that 82 percent of New York voters support allowing seriously and terminally ill people to legally use marijuana.

  2.   Great news for the East Coast!
  3. Great news! :hello:   But DON'T get complacent, and just expect it to pass! If I lived in New York, I would be contacting every assembly and congress person and telling them how I, as a registered voter, am VERY much in favor of this bill!   :yay:
    Granny   :wave:
  4. My Only serious question about the New York bill is , Just how strict it will be .
    will it be like the last state that passed it and you have to be on your death bed ? Or will it be one of the more open bills?
  5. great news hopefully it wont be tough to get and it will be accessible to everyone who wants it 
  6. In order to get the best bill all New Yorkers that can should attend any hearings,townhall meetings and debates available,,it is the opinions discussed and the number of supporters showing up that carries the press,,,bad as we hate them they are necessary to carry this fight to a finish.
    Advise that you do not go baked,,any stoner that stands up and slurs his speech or gets lost in his diatribe will be he only one shown on the 10pm news.

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