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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by stonie jo, Nov 2, 2001.

  1. Well, Halloween's over and usually I start looking forward to (or dreading, I suppose) the "holidays". You know the usual shit...makin' dinner, gettin' the presents, figurin' out what time we have to be where.....but last year, on Christmas Day actually, I found out my mom had left my dad for good. It's a very long story that started 15-20 years ago as far as I'm concerned. They were married a little over 40 years and it was no surprise to me that my mother wasn't happy. We got pretty close (I thought) when I was in high school and I started workin' with her cleanin' this office. She told me then that she wanted to leave Dad and I knew they didn't get along real well all the time.
    Anyway.....Last year, before Thanksgiving she left him-she came back-she left him- she came back-she left him again on Christmas Eve, snuck off in the middle if the was awful. Well I knew she was leavin' Christmas Eve so I didn't expect to see her at dad's that day. We went-we ate-we came home to fix frozen pipes. Later, my little sis came over, we talked about things-then she tells me that mom has gone-moved to northern Indiana with this guy and that her and one of my brothers had decided they were gonna tell dad later that day-Christmas Day!!!!!! I flipped!! I went off on her because they all knew it while I was there And didn't say SHIT (which, in hindsite was probly better) and that her and my other brother had taken it upon themselves to tell dad without sayin anything to me or our oldest brother!!!
    It was the most miserable Christmas of my life. I'm sure for my dad, also. Granted he's a real asshole when he wants to be but DAMN!!! Mom expected him to change into a totally different person overnite after she had been lettin him have his way for 40 years.
    Okay I'll stop. I'm just REALLY not lookin' forward to the holidays this year. On top of that there's that FUCKED UP war thing.....isn't this the time of year that the suicide rate goes through the roof?
    Sorry to be such a downer guys--time to do a bong hit, eh?
  2. That's some pretty heavy shit! Yes, a bong rip is definitely in order. I got nice and cooked myself, here, and started cleaning my garage and daydreamin'. It felt pretty good :)! I FEEL pretty good right the kid outside raking, and I came it to play for awhile ...This bag I just got is some pretty stony shit, lemme tell ya. Wish I could smoke a few bowls with you out of my sweet little glass pipe, and be a good ear for ya. Hang in there, and try to think of the good things about the holidays. At least, I THINK there are a few good things. At the moment they elude me ;).
  3. That IS some heavy shit! Big stoney hugs~ What I don't understand is that your siblings chose not to clue you in.. Sorry your last holiday was a bum deal!
    It never hurts to take a few bongrips, wrap those presents and keep on smiling... Stay strong and be thankful and happy for the things you DO have, like stonygurl said - try to see the good things of the holidays!
    woohoo~ at least you have bongrips to soothe you! :)
    Last year I didn't really have the best of holidays either because my parents and I had a huge falling out (I WISH WE HAD NEVER ADOPTED YOU! from my mom) just a few months before, and really didn't talk to me during the whole time. But now time has healed, and I am looking forward to the holidays.
    The time change has me really weirded out though this year - I hate how dark it gets so early, I just want to go home and curl up in bed with my bf, a bowl and a movie and eventually fall asleep, but darn it's only 5pm! It does sort of set a little depression in, when you leave for work when it's dark and come home from work and it's dark already, and what with all that's going on in the news that leaves a sense of hopelessness ~ we keep bombing but without our desired results... And we can't find these anthrax assholes... Our very own FBI who has no trouble tracking down who sent that phat OZ out! These terrorist guys are super elusive, and now they're threatening more attacks! We're bombing through their religious holidays, so I don't see that they'll quit with us.

    So yea, I feel the dreariness of this time too, but I too have a nice healthy bag of green that is supa stony, so me and my lil turtle pipe have been getting intimate a little more often.
    Hope you're feelin better stonie jo! Don't let the holiday blues get to ya for too long~~
  4. Thanks you guys!!! you have all brought a smile to my face-thank you.....and yes, I'll be okay. It just hit me while I was sittin there readin the stuff about Halloween. I have been tryin to get my shit together and make a (half-ass) normal life for me & the boys-like my folks did for me. When I finally get my shit together, they all finally show how disfunctional they really are!!!! Dammit!!! It's still hard for me to imagine the holidays without us all bein together. If they would have done this 15 years ago when they should have, I would already be over it now, my kids wouldn't have to deal with it....I don't know. I feel like I'm bein' selfish for thinkin' THEY were selfish. You guys probly think I'm nuts. DEFINATLY can't be worse than last year!!!
    Welllll........I'd say it's time for a binger.....just one little binger, to brighten up your day!

  5. oh shit, this thread was made like 2 years ago! thats tight!
  6. he just wanted to show off his new found talent of scrolling text :D

  7. Yes! Life goes on.........poo-poo occurs........lifes a bitch then ya pay taxes..........What doesn't kill me makes me stronger......

    Stop it Critter!!
  8. Don't despair. You'll grow up and be able to make it all better for yourself!
  9. Stonie Jo................I lov your sig......... I want all three........ at once..........

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